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It’s about that time where midterms start to beat us down. That may be so… but what’s stopping us at HC from giving you a little bit of a relaxation session? Here are some links we think you’ll love!

Rescue Pig Can’t Stop Running … Until She Feels Her New Blanket [thedodo]

21 Times The Internet Roasted The Shit Out Of “Harry Potter” [Buzzfeed]

The Best Sales To Shop Before Black Friday [Refinery29]

What the Future Looked Like in 1900 [Ati]

7 Throwback Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Movies You Need to Binge-Watch ASAP [Seventeen]

Fitness Isn’t Very Accessible to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, but These Women Are Trying to Change That [Self]

These Incredible Comfort Dogs Traveled to Las Vegas to Help Survivors Heal [Cosmopolitan]

10 Unusual (And Ethical) Animal Encounters To Add To Your Bucket List [The Huffington Post]

All the Times Ryan Gosling Couldn’t Stop Laughing on ‘SNL’ Last Night [Cosmopolitan]

Recipes That Are Basically Made for Instagram – and Taste Amazing, Too [Food Network]




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