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It’s Time To Spread Some Christmas Positivity

It’s official—we are now in December, the one and only last month of 2020. This may mean for some of us, a wrap to an amazingly strenuous and challenging year. For others, it may be cause for some nostalgia. A year coming to an end is always source of such. Thinking we will soon be entering a whole new year makes us look back and contemplate what 2020 has been made of.  What we have accomplished. What magical moments we have lived. What we will miss. Maybe 2021 will bring back some of those, but there are some things that simply cannot be replicated.

All these thoughts naturally come with a year wrap-up. No matter what, they are part of what it means to move forward and to see time go by. 

These—sometimes welcome, sometimes not—reminisces are the reasons why it is so important to make the most of the holiday season by spreading positivity all around us. This year more than ever, positivity and kindness can go a long way and do much more good than we might expect.

Spreading positivity can be as simple as spreading kindness and love. And that can be as simple as to listen to those who need to be listened to, care for those who need to be cared for and love those who surround us (and are deserving of our affection, of course!).

Spreading positivity also encompasses generosity. Being generous is not limited to its material form. Being generous speaks of time commitment, of attention span, of general kindness (yes, it’s possible to be generous with your kindness!)—and of compliments as well.

Giving without counting can mean giving someone a well-deserved compliment without expecting anything in return. Giving will not only make someone else feel good, appreciated, whole and cared-for—it will make you feel just the same.

Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

Fourth-year journalism student at UOttawa & La Cité, Rebecca is Senior Editor for the HCuO chapter—entering her fourth consecutive year with the team.