If Midterms were like a Horror Movie

It's Halloween and I can proudly say I’ve spent this month watching countless horror movies. They got me to thinking about how school life can be similar to the plot of one of these horror movies!

1. The school year starts off slow and we always underestimate the workload that’ll hit us in just a few weeks into the semester. We’re still in summer mode and it’s hard to adjust from spending days in the sun to days bent over notebooks!

2. Before you know it, you’ve got a midterm next week. When did this happen? You’ve only had like 2 classes, have you even learned anything yet?!

3. That’s right, you’ve only had like 2 or 3 classes for that course so far. It’s logical to think that there can’t be that much to study, right? It’ll be fine…

4. Oh you naïve little soul. Have you even opened your textbook yet? Yeah, there are only 3 chapters to study but those chapters are comprised of 50 pages each…

5. That’s it. You’re doomed. This must be how protagonists of horror films feel when all their friends have died and they know they’re next. Time to sit, maybe scream a little, and accept your fate.

But wait… There’s more…

6. Yeah, that’s right. You’re still alive. You survived the evil midterm in your everyday school life horror movie. You’re not getting away that easily though, horror movies always have sequels with yours being: Finals.

Good luck studying and have a happy halloween!


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