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In case you missed it (ICYMI) here is what happened at the Capital Hoops Classic!

Who: uOttawa Gee-Gees & Carleton University Ravens – Both the Men’s and Women’s Teams

What: Rivalry Basketball Series, 12th Annual Game between the Ravens and the Gee-Gees

Where: Canadian Tire Centre

When: Friday, February 2nd - Women’s game: 6pm & Men’s game: 8pm


Do I know anything about basketball? Not really. (Unless you count what I learnt in elementary school gym class?)

Did I attend Capital Hoops? Yes.

Was it an enjoyable experience? Yes.

Would I attend the event in future? Yes.

Does attending this event make me more interested in going to other sporting events? Yes.

Let be real, I would not typically proclaim myself to be a basketball aficionado. Or really a big sports watcher in general, sure I tune into the Olympics, but I was never one to watch hockey games, or soccer matches on TV whilst growing up. In high school, I attended our team’s football games, but since starting university I have not been to a Panda game. All that aside though I would say I had a ball (pun intended) attending Capital Hoops.  

The night had it’s up and downs. uOttawa provided students with transportation to get there, shuttle busses left between 4:45 and 5:20 from campus. However, getting back was a different story, many students were left finding ubers, or taking OC transpo busses to get home. Getting in was relatively easy, there weren’t crazy long lines, people were moved through, and to their seats pretty quickly. Throughout the night there was music blasting, and a sea of screaming Garnet and Grey fans. The half time shows kept the crowds mesmerized and dancing in their seats. Between periods there were silly games played that pitted Carleton and uOttawa students against one another, as well as tiny, fast paced games by the future stars of basketball, girls and boys U-12 teams.

Upon arrival, the Women’s game was already in full swing. The Women’s team was holding their own, and throughout the game they kept the score pretty close only trailing slightly behind, with Carleton eventually scooping up the win. The score come half time was 24-34 with Carleton unfortunately taking the lead. During the break in the Women’s game fans were treated to performances by the Carleton “Rhythm Ravens” Cheer Team, and the uOttawa Dance Team. Following that the players hit the court again to try and bring home the win. During the game, there was entertainment to be found all around the CTC, uOttawa noisemakers were being handed out, there was a station to take polaroids with your squad, and mini games to watch between periods. The Women’s match ended with a final score of 41-57 with Carleton taking home the trophy.

Following a brief intermission, the Men’s teams took to the court. They worked through a quick warmup, then both teams lined up facing one another for the singing of the national anthem. As the anthem was sung by a uOttawa alumni, a Canadian flag was passed around the arena. Following the conclusion of the anthem was tip off. The Men’s team had a starting lineup composed of Sean Stoqua, Brandon Robinson, Mackenzie Morrison, Brody Maracle, and Jean Emmanuel Pierre-Charles.

The uOttawa Men’s team fought hard but Carleton maintained a lead for most of the game. By halftime they were down by five points with the score sitting at 30 – 35 with Carleton in the lead. The second half time show was riveting. The Carleton Cheerleading Team was back with a second routine that was filled with lifts, stunts, spins, and pom-poms. Unfortunately for the girls, one of their major pyramids fell, but luckily everyone was able to get right back up and keep dancing. Our uOttawa Queen Gee’s Cheerleading Team followed it was a performance filled with strong stunts and their flyers (the girls being lifted) soaring through the air. The Men’s game resumed quickly afterwards with the guys trying to get a lead over Carleton. Despite their efforts the game ended 56 – 67 for Carleton’s second win of the night.

All in all, it was a great night. Despite our teams not having won their games all the players put on great performances and made their school proud. Do I consider myself now totally enthralled with basketball? Not exactly, however, in future I will definitely make more of an effort to check out sporting events around campus and will definitely try to attend Panda, the Colonel By Classic, and Capital Hoops next year. It was great to see an event that showcased both the Women’s and Men’s Basketball Teams, as well as other teams that uOttawa has to offer like Cheerleading and Dance. For a fun night out with friends I would highly recommend checking out a home game of any of our uOttawa teams, tickets are relatively cheap for students and it’s a great way to spend time with friends while supporting the school.

If you’re interested in watching any of uO’s Varsity Sport games you can check them out at: https://portal.stretchinternet.com/oua/

To keep up to date with the Men’s Basketball Team you can follow them at: @geegees_mbball

To keep up to date with the Women’s Basketball Team you can follow them at: @geegees_wbball

To keep up to date with Gee Gees athletics in general check out: @uOttawaGeeGees

If you’re interested in checking out the uOttawa Queen Gees you can follow this link to see highlights of their performance at PCA Nationals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiVRv4cqtr8



Sources: The first photo was provided by the author, all other photos are courtesy of the @uOttawaGeegees account.

Taylor is a 4th year student at the University of Ottawa studying Political Science and Philosophy. In addition to writing for Her Campus Taylor is the President of the University of Ottawa Equestrian Team, Editor-In-Chief of Her Campus uOttawa and the Vice President of the Ontario Collegiate Equestrian Association. Taylor spends her weekends competing with the team, and when she's not in class she can be found studying on campus. Taylor loves coffee, and tending to her plethora of plants.
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