How to Run in the Winter

When people see others running in the winter they often think that must be talented runners but, you can run at anytime of the year and be at any level. I started running more seriously in the winter because I’m not a big fan of treadmills and I could never handle the heat and the sweat that the summer brought. 

A worry many people have is slipping and falling. While there is a chance that might happen, most of the time the side walks are plowed. However, if they aren’t, make a judgement on whether you think it will be slippery or if it is just snow. If it is snow then it’s okay to run on, just be careful where you put your feet so as to not roll an ankle. I’ve never had an accident with my regular running shoes but, some people prefer to wear their cross trainers in the winter because they can offer more traction. Shoes made specifically for running in the winter are available to buy and another option is a pair of grips that can be attached to the sole of your shoe.

My advice is if it is your first time getting out there in the winter, go for a short 15-20 minute run to start. You might be a little bit more sore then you would expect the next day because your body is using muscles that it would not normally use just running on the pavement.

Now comes the big question. What do you wear? Shorts and a t-shirt are definitely not going to be anybody’s first choice. My rule of thumb that generally works pretty well, especially when it gets in to the negatives, is to dress like it is 20 degrees warmer than it is.  A long sleeve and leggings are normally warm enough for me and I’ll occasionally wear a sweater or wind breaker if it is extra cold. Layering up is smart so as your body warms up you can unzip your jacket or tie it around your waist. The last couple of things you won’t want to forget are gloves and a hat/headband. If your nose is prone to getting cold, then a neck warmer would also be a good idea. 

Rain or shine, -20°C or +20°C there is no reason not to get out there and get your workout in, so what are you waiting for? #noexcuses