How to Feel Good Alone

One of my favourite quotes in the world is one by Kharla M. Brillo: “even in a room full of people, want yourself first.” It’s a powerful option to love yourself, to know yourself and to be content with your own company. While being surrounded by the people you love is important, it's also important to love being alone.

A lot of my late teen years were spent feeling lost, confused, and unsure of the person that I was. It was the time I spent alone that really helped me learn about who I was as a person. Moments before falling asleep, alone with my thoughts, were times I came to cherish rather than fear.

Often, there’s a lot of stigma that comes with being alone. Slowly and to my satisfaction, it’s becoming more normalized. You’re not a loner if you like to be alone. To each their own! In being alone, you can have control of your own space and play an active role in your life rather than a passive one. Take moments to practice self-care and both mental and physical wellness. Be the girl of your own dreams!

There are a few posts I’ve stumbled upon on Tumblr that remind me of the importance of being okay with being alone, that will hopefully be a helpful reminder to you too:












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