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How Do You Feel?

Have you ever thought about how you feel? It’s a pretty broad question, and you’re probably thinking this is going to get weirdly deep and philosophical, but that’s where you’re wrong. It’s actually quite a simple question. How do you feel? Better yet, where do you feel?

Still confused? Think of it like this – when we think of our emotions, we tend to immediately dig in deep and try to figure out why we’re feeling what we do and how to fix/change it. We very seldom take our feelings at face value. It can be pretty cool and enlightening when you take time to think about how you feel the things you do. So I asked a few people where they felt certain emotions and maybe it’ll help you figure out your own:


Where do you feel Anger? Some people feel it in their fists, in the way they clench their hands and crack their knuckles. For me it’s in my hips, deep and aggressive, almost grounding. Other’s feel it in their neck, tense and straining.


What about Jealous? For me it sits in my stomach, like acid, bubbling churning, making things feel uneasy and unsure. A few people feel it in their throat, choking them up, or even in their fingers, aching to clench around what they feel is rightly theirs.


How do you feel fear and anxiety? Maybe it feels like it’s crawling up your back, tickling the nape of your neck and raising the hairs. My anxiety resides in my throat, clawing at it and making it dry and almost impossible to speak. Some people feel it at the top of their head, slowly descending on them like a shower, settling in the back of their mind.


On a lighter note, what about happiness? I feel happiness in my cheeks. The way they stretch over a smile and puff out while I laugh, and afterwards when they ache. Someone might feel happy low in their stomach, warming them from the inside out, almost like a seed has been planted and it’s beginning to grow. Others feel it in their feet, in the middle their toes and kicks their feet out, like they can’t contain what they’re feeling and simply have to act upon it in some way.


It’s something everyone feels in different ways, so where does it come from in you? Many people would say they feel it in their heart, the way it leaps or stutters in the presence of someone they care for. Others like to describe feeling love wherever they have been touched by the one they love, the warmth that spreads from a kiss to the forehead or an arm wrapped around their back. I share the sentiment with some wherein love, for me, starts in my stomach, and spreads, like a warm blanket slowly being draped over my body, making me feel secure and comfortable and somehow weightless.

Pretty cool, isn’t it? When you take time to think about your emotions in such a physical sense it gives you an appreciation for everything you feel. It lets you view things from a different perspective, and maybe gives you a little bit of time to calm down and stop thinking about the big things for a while and just appreciate the simplest of things.

With exams being less than a month away, it’s nice to take a minute to do something for yourself, and my hopes are that this article did that for you, and maybe even let you get to know yourself a little better. Have a fantastic day, lovelies, and just remember to appreciate the smaller things in life every once in a while. xx.



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