How-to-Avoid-Debating-Politics-With-Your Family-Over-the-Holidays 101

Exams are done! Essays and lab reports have been handed in! The semester has ended and the holiday season has just begun. We’re finally free to return home, relax, eat something that maybe isn’t from Domino’s, and spend time with our family… who apparently don’t approve of your political views and absolutely could not wait to let you know that.

Naturally, University has opened your eyes to life beyond your hometown. You’ve educated yourself and have developed your own political views, independent of what your parents’ are.. but man oh man are they ever gonna make you regret those posts you’ve been making on Facebook expressing them.

HAVE NO FEAR. If you have parents who love to tell you how wrong your political views are (even if you’re- you know- studying politics), this survival guide is for you!

Walk Away

Start off by simply walking away from the conversation! Nothing says “no dad, I don’t want to talk about immigration policies” like getting up and strutting out of the room without a word.

If walking doesn’t get you out of it fast enough, work up to a sprint.

Fall Asleep

Another way to ensure that you don’t get roped into unwanted political conversation is to immediately shut your eyes and fall asleep. Drift off to dreamland, where your parents let you enjoy your time off school without reminding you that they’ve been paying taxes way longer than you have. And yes, this is highly effective mid-conversation.


It works in the movies, and it’ll work in real life. Next time your mother brings up climate change at the dinner table, channel your frustration into the power of mind control! Change the conversation psychically and enjoy the rest of your meal in peace.

Yell Hysterically

If they still don’t understand how badly you want to not talk about politics, scream at them incoherently. That’s it. Just howl at the top of your lungs 'till no one can hear what they’re even thinking! Enjoy this moment of catharsis while your aunt makes a mental note to not mention sex-ed around you again.

Politely Refuse to Participate

If all else fails, simply explain to your parents that you’d rather not engage in conversation surrounding politics. Exams were stressful, and you’d rather not have to emotionally exhaust yourself any further by having your political opinions constantly criticized by the people you love the most. Politics are important, but it’s also important to pick your battles. Politely changing the subject before it has a chance to escalate into a full blown argument is an effective way to ensure everyone’s holidays remain as chill as possible

So there you have it, five foolproof ways to make sure that politics don’t ruin your holidays! Take the next couple weeks to decompress and eat way too much pecan pie, and save the political debates for next semester.