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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Ottawa chapter.

Accessories can be really underrated, especially for people that are on a budget. Even if your daily outfit consists of a basic pair of jeans and a t-shirt, accessories can bring that combo to the next level. I personally prefer to keep my wardrobe fairly classic and simple, while also mixing in a few cool and trendy pieces. On the other hand, having a basic wardrobe also tends to make me feel like I have nothing to wear. When I’m having one of those days, accessorizing has helped redefine my entire outfit. If you’ve also had your fair share of days dealing with boring outfits, check out the tips below that are too easy not to try!


Hats are the perfect addition for making any outfit look more stylish, as well as life savers for the days you decide to skip out on washing your hair. In any season besides winter, I like to throw on a fedora, or any type of brimmed hat. Now that the temperature has dropped below zero, adding a beanie or a toque will keep you extra warm and extra stylish too. I think headbands are definitely underrated, but if they’re styled right, they look great! You can even find them selling for under 10$ most of the time.


If you are not a leggings gal like I am, a belt is a great accessory. I have personally never paid over 10$ for a belt, and I find them to be a staple in my wardrobe. My favourite one is a thin, silver sparkly belt that I bought from Joe Fresh. This is great for when I want to add some glam but don’t want any jewelry.


Shoes are an obvious way to add some fun to any outfit, they can really take an outfit from zero to 100. If you take my classic example of jeans and a tee, the shoes that you wear along with it can really transform this outfit. If you want to dress more casual, you can add a pair of sneakers. There are a lot of trendy pairs in the market right now for all different price ranges. If you want to dress it up a little, my favourite shoes to add are the statement booties. Whether they’re a fun colour or pattern, covered in glitter, or just plain black with a killer heel, all booties are such a fun way to play with your outfits.


Now for my personal favourite, scarves! As someone who is constantly cold, I love adding scarves to so many of my outfits. It’s almost embarrassing to share how many scarves I have in my collection (I will say that I have had to start passing some down to my sisters). Whether you prefer a big blanket scarf, or a thinner one for added style, scarves are a pretty easy accessory to thrown on.


Contrary to popular belief, sunglasses are great in both the summer and winter time. Not only do they protect your eyes from the sun, they also make for a great accessory, especially if you spend lots of time outside. Statement sunglasses are perfect for those days spent shopping at an outdoor mall, or for a skating photoshoot on the canal.


Last but not least, maybe the most obvious way to accessorize is by adding a great handbag (or backpack, if you’ve got classes!). I love red handbags because they’re a classic piece, and also add a pop of colour to any outfit. Since there are so many types of handbags, from backpacks to clutches and  cross-body to tote bags, you are sure to find at least one (or most likely more) that compliments your personal style. If you’re not set on splurging on that Chanel, I find that Winners is a great place to find some amazing bags for under 50$.

Most people think of jewelry when it comes to accessories, but this handy guide is only the beginning of so many more options you could get creative with. The next time you’re about to step out in your everyday jeans and t-shirt combo, try out some of these easy tips instead for some new ways take any outfit to the next level.