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Hot off the Press: Instagram bloggers to follow NOW!

I am not going to lie, I spend more than half my day on Instagram. Between checking it first thing in the morning and before going to bed, I spend countless little moments during the day checking up on my favourite accounts. The reasoning behind this is simple-Instagram is super addictive, true, but it is also home to some of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen. Fashion bloggers have quickly taken over the social media platform and I could not be happier about it. From inspiring “outfit of the day/OOTD” posts to unbelievable looks into major events such as Fashion Week, we are more connected than ever to the fashion industry’s biggest players.

So, without further ado, here are some of my favourite bloggers on Instagram.

Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior. Her photos are as elegant as her blog name. Looking through Jacey’s feed instantly gives me a serious case of wanderlust. Her clothing is gorgeous and to die for-she is the epitome of basic! Living in neutrals like blush rose, grey and black, her outfits are inspirational when you’re in an outfit slum. Plus, the girl has some of the best photos of Paris I have ever seen!


Next up is one of the sassiest bloggers I follow, Ravneet Bhogal. Her feed is filled to the brim with her everyday life,-from hot pink heels to drool worthy meals! Ravneet pulls off even the wildest of looks (like fur and leather), constantly leaving me lusting after her style. Plus, girlfriend has some serious selfie and brow game! Liking what you see? Check out her blog at personifyingbrowngirlfashion.blogspot.com or her Instagram @ravi_bee! As our editor for fashion and beauty here at HerCampus UOttawa, would you honestly expect anything less from her?




Up next, the girls of Glitter Guide. They run a lifestyle blog based out of LA and all I have to say is WOW because their photos are breathtaking. These ladies offer up the perfect life inspiration, from the most delicious of cocktails to tips on transitioning your home from season to season. Bonus: they’re just as obsessed with pumpkins and sunflowers as I am.. making them a permanent addition to my follow list.

Olivia Lam, founder of Inspiring Olivia, is truly… inspiring. Her travel photos are envy worthy and she makes the student uniform look oh, so good. Looking for a new nail polish or hairstyle to brighten up your outfit? Well, Olivia is your answer. From the hottest seasonal colours to beautiful hair ideas, this girl has everything you could possibly need. If you can’t get enough of this stylish chick, visit her blog at inspiringolivia.wordpress.com or her IG @inspiringolivia. Only she can pull off maxi skirts and knit sweaters with such charisma and fun!

I recently stumbled upon Holly Darling of Holly Jolly Dolly in early September and I am so glad I did! Her feed looks like Autumn exploded all over it and I am in LOVE! There are pumpkins and scarves and lattes.. oh my! Holly’s style is laid back and chic with a girly undertone. Plus, her and her husband are actually the cutest!  

The ladies of Whimsical Soles have some serious style. It is easy to get lost in their feed as their pictures are gorgeous and they definitely know how to mix up the style pics with some yummy plates of treats. What I think is wonderful about their account, and blog for that matter, is that these girls truly make Ottawa their playground. From parliament to late night bus stops, these creative minds can find a photo background anywhere. Sneak a peek at their blog- whimsicalsoles.com and their IG @whimsicalsoles. You’ll be happy you did because these ladies have some next-level fashion game!


As well, our girls, Tamia Thompson and Madison von Eicken Bursey, are ladies you don’t want to miss out on. Check out Tamia’s tumblr at tamia.tumblr.com and her Polyvore @tamimpala. Check out Madison at artiz-foreverlife.tumblr.com and @maadisonveb on IG!

And finally, the number one blogger to follow is Lauren Conrad herself! If you are not following the Queen of Instagram already, you need to do so NOW. From adorable pics of her rescue pups to behind the scene looks at her latest Paper Crown shoots, Lauren has something for everyone. Lauren loves sharing her life with her followers and we are more than willing to eat up every last bit of it. The one thing she won’t share? Her filter ;). 


And there you have it, a few of the most fashionable bloggers I follow on Instagram. Be sure to check out my own account, @kristen.jonkman and take a peek at my blog, roaringtwentys.wordpress.com, for more updates on my favourite fall fashions and what I’m wearing!

Got some more bloggers you’re drooling over? Share their accounts with us!

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