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Face Masks You NEED to Try Out this Fall

It’s fall once again, and as a busy university student, your schedule is loaded to the brim with festive activities: adorable pumpkin patch pictures, cute walks along the canal, and breakdowns over notes as you prepare for midterms. Your life motto right now is eat, sleep, coffee, repeat. It’s an unavoidable way of life, but that doesn’t mean your skin can’t be glowing, healthy and flawless as you make your way through this season. We’ve come up with a list of a few affordable face masks for you to try out for all of your fall-time needs.

Battle the Weather Changes
Fall weather gets as mysterious and unpredictable as your professor’s expectations for that paper due next week, but your skin can be prepared to fight the moody weather with some fresh and fabulous face masks from LUSH.

If you find your skin to be on the drier side, Oatfix is the mask for you. The flux of the sun and heat on nicer days paired with the crisp air on colder afternoons can irritate and dry out sensitive skin. Oatfix is a vegan facemask that uses oats and bananas among other natural ingredients to sooth and soften your face. Not only is it affordable and full of natural ingredients, it does wonders for tight and uncomfortable skin.


Dry skin-types aren’t the only ones in need of some loving. For skin that isn’t necessarily dry, a good alternative is BB Seaweed from LUSH. This facemask is also full of natural ingredients, most notably seaweed, which is packed with nutrients. The key to battling weather is to use a balancing facemask like this one that repairs and nourishes the sensitive areas of your skin while soothing your face, giving it a nice break from the changing weather outside.

Give Your Face a Break
Stress levels are through the roof and the amount of time you spend sleeping is practically non-existent with all the assignments and midterms you have scheduled in your planner. Your face is the first place where those sleepless nights make their appearance, so take a break from your work and give your face some TLC with a mask that freshens up your appearance.

The secret to brightening a tired face is an ultra-moisturizing and energizing mask. Sephora has a great collection of face masks – most notably the Pearl, Pomegranate, and Rose sheet masks – that work to trap moisture in your skin and transform a dull, tired face into a more radiant and glowing one. Sheet masks are also a great opportunity to mix and match without having to commit to a more expensive bottled mask.

Don’t forget to treat your eyes too, especially after a sleepless night. You don’t have to be a zombie this Halloween just because your dark circles push you to be! Sephora also provides a matching collection of eye masks that you can add to your routine to invigorate and brighten the skin under your eyes and freshen up your look. Take a breather and relax while you let the masks do their work.

Get Festive with Your Skincare
Fall is just as festive as it is stressful for students, which makes it the perfect season to whip out creative and silly facemasks. The Face Shop provides many different and very affordable animal and character-themed masks that are not only cute but also soothing, moisturizing and calming (not to mention good Snapchat material). These masks let you take a small break, nourish your skin, and get in the mood for Halloween all in one package. What more can a girl ask for?

So get your facemasks on and get ready to battle your way through your endless list of fall activities with a fresh and healthy face!


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Alena is a third year student at the University of Ottawa studying International Studies and Modern Languages.
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