Board Games for Every Type of Friend Group

This weekend, avoid the cold weather and the expenses of going out and instead have a fun night in with your friends. With wine, snacks and music, it is sure to be a memorable time with laughing, yelling and some friendly competition. It is amazing how many board games exist, so from a game fanatic, here are some suggestions based on the kind of group you will be playing with. 

Groups who love to work together

Pandemic – work with other players to prevent a worldwide epidemic from destroying the human race. Finally, a game where you don’t have to compete against your friends!

Code Names – two teams try to complete their board first. Play with a partner you are on the same wavelength as because the caller only has one word to try and get their message across to their partner. 

Groups who are super competitive 

Settlers of Catan – one of my all-time favourite games. Definitely has a learning curve but after a game or two, you will be obsessed. Full of strategy and negotiating, this game can quickly get cut-throat.


Ticket to Ride – outsmart the other players to build the largest railroad. A favourite among history, geography and train buffs!

Groups who are good with words 

BuzzWord – Try to guess the words that go along with ten sayings in 1 minute. All the words will include the given “buzzword”. For example, if the buzzword is “take”, phrases could be “stop working for a few minutes” = take a break. “swear to uphold” = take an oath. 

Taboo – super easy to learn, surprisingly frustrating. You have a minute to get your partner to say as many words from cards as you can. The catch is for every word there is a list of words you cannot use to describe it. How do you explain “yearbook” without saying “school”, “photo”, “sign”, “memories” or “class”?

Groups who are good under pressure 

Spot It - a great quick game that can get really stressful, really fast. There are several variations of games that also accommodate different size groups so there is always the option to switch things up.

5 Second Rule - Compete against other players by making sure you can name three items in a category within 5 seconds. Like you're on Ellen!

Groups who love to joke around 

Speak Out - try to guess what someone is saying while they have a mouthpiece on. Need I say more? 


Who’s Most Likely To - Vote which member of the group is most likely to do the action on the card, for example, most likely to hit on a character as Disney World or most likely to have a dark side. Can be a great way to get to know people or to play with a group of close friends. 

Telestrations - If classic broken telephone and Pictionary had a baby it would be this game which also happens to be my current favourite. With the party size version, up to 12 people can play and usually the more people the better. Laughs guaranteed!    

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