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The A, B, C’s of Fall

A is for Apples, apple picking, and apple pie. Perfect for insta, you can snap a cute pic with your guy.

B is for boot weather; be it suede, rubber, or leather.

C is for collecting leaves, now that that it’s colder you’ll need longsleeves.

D is for digging out all the cozy sweaters; quarter zips, crewnecks, and cardigans for go getters.

E is for eating anything you can. Soups, pies, baked goods, or maybe a flan.

F is for falling in love with a new drink, sit down at a coffee shop, give yourself time to think.

G is for getting dressed up, it’s time for Halloween. Or Halloweekend if you know what I mean.

H is for hiking, try Gatineau Park, or around the canal. Nothing beats a hike with your pal.

I is for ice skates, plan ahead for future dates.

J is for jumping into a pile of leaves, or if you’re unlucky cleaning out your eaves(trough).

K is for kiss, or just reminisce.

L is for lost, perhaps in a corn maze? With the weather so nice you can stay outside for days.

M is for making thanksgiving dinner, spend time with your family, and show off (if you’ve taken PSY 1101) your knowledge of B. F. Skinner.

N is for nighttime walks; on Halloween night you might see warlocks.

O is for orange, red, green, and gold, the leaves change colour as it starts to get cold.

P is for picnics that happen outside, show bae your cooking skills and they’ll be filled with pride.

Q is for quiet time, take time for reflection. Make sure your life is going the desired direction.

R is for roasting pumpkin seeds, or you could sit down with a few good reads.

S is for snuggle, with your animal of choice – you can even talk to them in a cutesy voice.

T is for throwing a Halloween bash. Play party favourites like the Monster Mash.

U is for umpire, baseball season’s complete, now we can watch the Sens compete.

V is for visiting family on fall reading week, don’t forget about assignments, keep up your streak.

W is for watching movies that fright, if you’re faint of heart don’t watch them at night.

X is for x-tra blankets heaped up on your bed, maybe a nice cozy flannel that’s red.

Y is for yummy and tasty fall treats, a perfect time for Halloween sweets.

Z is for Zzz, after all those activities it’s time for a sleep, hop into bed and start counting sheep.

Taylor is a 4th year student at the University of Ottawa studying Political Science and Philosophy. In addition to writing for Her Campus Taylor is the President of the University of Ottawa Equestrian Team, Editor-In-Chief of Her Campus uOttawa and the Vice President of the Ontario Collegiate Equestrian Association. Taylor spends her weekends competing with the team, and when she's not in class she can be found studying on campus. Taylor loves coffee, and tending to her plethora of plants.
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