Arts & Crafts Study Break

Exam season can be incredibly draining for a lot of people.  We’re stuck in our homes or the library for hours on end trying to cram as much information from the past four months into our brains as is humanly possible. We probably aren’t sleeping as much or eating a well-balanced diet. If you’re reading this article, it probably means you are taking a break from studying for exams, or are procrastinating starting (unless you are one of the lucky few who has already finished exams, or better yet – didn’t have exams at all). If you’re looking for some ways to procrastinate that go beyond mindlessly scrolling through social media for hours or watching Netflix, why not try your hand at some simple craft projects? You don’t need to be Picasso or Martha Stewart to do these projects, I promise.

1. Follow along to a Bob Ross video

Going out to a paint night can be a lot of fun but during exams, it might just not be feasible. On the other hand, following along to one of Bob Ross’ paint videos will cost you virtually nothing. Here is what you will need: a canvas (you can buy these from Dollarama for $2) and some inexpensive paint/paint brushes (also can be purchased from the dollar store for very cheap). Alternatively, you could always use some blank paper and markers that you have lying around if you don’t feel like spending money. Next, head on over to Netflix or YouTube and select your painting challenge. On Netflix, each episode is about 30 minutes which is an ample amount of time for a study break. Click play and start painting with your new BFF Bob. His soothing voice and constant reminders that mistakes can always be fixed is a great mantra for exam season. Plus, you’ll end up with a gorgeous painting/drawing that would make an excellent gift for someone!

2. Learn how to knit with the Women's Resource Centre

Knitting doesn’t just have to be your grandmother’s activity. Every Thursday evening, the Women’s Resource Centre hosts a “Stich N Bitch” for women and femme identifying folks interested in unwinding over some yarn. All levels of experience are welcome to join. They tend to have extra materials if you’re really new to knitting/crocheting and want to learn a new skill. The people are really supportive there and seeing another human face can be good to combat feelings of exam-induced isolation. Check out another Her Campus uOttawa feature that talks about the benefits of knitting!

3. Bullet journal for 2019

Are you planning on making 2019 your most organized and productive year yet? Give all your friends serious planner envy next semester with your very own DIY bullet journal. Bullet journaling is both a way for you to be more on top of your commitments and a creative outlet. For a more in-depth glance into the art of bullet journaling, check out this Her Campus uOttawa article! You can turn an inexpensive notebook from the dollar store into a gorgeous and incredibly helpful journal with the help of a few easy tutorials and some colourful markers.

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