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9 Makeup Looks You Have to Try for Halloween 2017

Truthfully, this list of Halloween makeovers is inspired by the recent posts made by all the people who have somehow been finding Bill Skarsgard cute as Pennywise the clown from the new IT movie. Now don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely a charmer IRL! However, after seriously questioning society and how it has forever ruined the internet, I decided to make a list of the most popular makeover looks for this Halloween 2017 that are actually low-key cute! Check them out below.  

1. IT’s Pennywise the Clown

If you’re going to think any horrific clown face is cute, then at least let this be the one! On the other hand, if you’ve run out of ways to tell your ex to screw off, then look no further!

2. Wonder Woman

Like we need any more of a reason besides FINALLY getting a Wonder Woman movie to try the classic WW-inspired look this Halloween!

3. Harley Quinn and The Joker

In most cases I would’ve totally judged this Halloween look for being pretty basic, but all the new rumors around a potential Harley Quinn and Joker movie have definitely made this duo a classic again.

4. Illusion faces

Are you that one friend who loves to go all out every Halloween? You can set the bar even higher this year with any one of these head-turning (and scratching) illusory looks!

5. Gore to the core

WARNING: These gory make-overs are hard to look at, but even harder to resist! What I’m really scared of is the dedication required to pull some of these off!

6. The Comic Face

If you missed your chance to go all out at this year’s Comic-Con, then Halloween 2017 is your chance!  Channel that classic comic-inspired make-up look and let the double-takes roll in.

7. The Disney Princess

If you still secretly wish you could fit into that puffy princess dress from your childhood Halloween, then at least try out the tiara to match one of these Disney princess-inspired twists this Halloween!

8. The Animal Lover

This one is for the girls who think it is sufficient to wear cat or bunny ears. Do not, I repeat – DO NOT wear bunny or cat ears if your makeup will not make people doubt whether you are a live rabbit or cat damn it. Nothing further.

9. The Celebrity look-alike

If you’re a real make-up pro, (or you’re Kylie Jenner and you have a team of makeup artists that will transform you into Christina Aguilera within 3 hours) then roll out the red carpet and become your fave celeb for the night!

Say goodbye to the last-minute costume panicking this year, because who will really be looking at your outfit when your face is GLOWED UP! Oh, and can we also cool it with the Pennywise pick-up lines now?

Raghdah is the Editor of the Fashion & Beauty team at the University of Ottawa Her Campus Chapter. Raghdah is a graduate of the University of Ottawa where she studied Political Science and now continues her work in the Government of Canada. Outside of her career, she spends most of her time writing, travelling, practising yoga, and running. If being a foodie, coffee-addict, aspiring cat lady, and binge-watching Scandal count as hobbies, then she's living the life. You will most likely find her planning her next trip or trying to adopt another cat at your local pet shelter.
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