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8 Great Uses for Cucumbers

Cucumbers are easy to find, winter or summer. They are cheap and delicious vegetables that have many hidden benefits. Here are 8 great beauty uses for cucumbers that are especially useful during the tiring exam season.

1. Pore-tightening
Using cucumbers on the face can help to instantly tighten pores. You can also mix it with apple cider vinegar to create a homemade toner. Phytochemicals in the cucumber causes the collagen in the skin to tighten. 

2. Moisture-mask
Try blending a cucumber, applying it to your face, and leaving it on for about 15 minutes next time you need a hydration boost.

3. Reduce cellulite
Exfoliate your problem areas with coffee grounds and blended cucumber for an immediate fix to help banish your dimples. Again, the help of phytochemicals will help boost skin tightening.

4. Reduce eye-bags
When placed under the eyes for 20 minutes, cucumber slices can help prevent water retention and reduce puffiness.

5. Fade dark circles
On the same note, 20 minutes of resting with cucumber slices over your eyes can help fade some of the darkness under your eyes. 

6. Spa fragrance
Next time you’re doing an at-home spa night, pour boiling water over cucumbers and leave the mixture in your spa area for a calming, fresh aroma.

7. Defogger
Rub a cucumber on your foggy mirrors to help prevent steam from sticking to your mirror. 

8. Super healthy snack
Cucumbers are filled with vitamins; they can cure headaches, reduce sugar cravings, and are energizing, with a low calorie count!  

Cucumbers also have a lot of non-beauty benefits, such as shoe-shining or the ability to stop hinges from squeaking. It is also a great ingredient to add to your favourite recipes. Cucumbers have benefits to suit everyone’s needs and you definitely need to try out these awesome tricks!


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