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5 Ways to Feel Body Positive

We’ve all been there. It could’ve been the result of a disheartening shopping trip where nothing fit right or the devouring of a large Domino’s after a night out. Whatever the case may be, we can’t help but feel a tad disappointed in our flat chest or belly bulge afterwards. I have had plenty of these experiences, which is how I ended up devising several foolproof ways to deal with this situation and none of them include an awkward self-pep talk. Without further ado, here are five methods to make you feel body positive, fast!

1. Put Away Negative Thoughts!

A seriously good starting point. You can’t help when negative thoughts start to creep into your mind but you CAN make an effort to realize how irrational they are and toss them away into your mental trash can. I’ve found that doing an activity that requires mental focus can be a great distraction and stop you from making a bad mood worse by dwelling on it. This can be reading, cooking up a new recipe, or watching a motivational movie. Ice Princess is one of my faves and I would strongly recommend it!

2. Have A Solo Dance Party – In your Underwear!

Have you ever taken forever to get into the shower because you were too busy checking yourself out in the mirror? Sometimes we need to dip into the pool of narcissism and spend a little more time appreciating our bodies instead of covering them up. We spend so much time in clothing that we might not have any concept of what we really look like. So blast your favourite song and let loose in as little clothing as possible. It’s really fun and it’ll make you feel sexy, silly and happy. 

3. Change Up Your Beauty Regimen!

Take some time to give yourself a manicure or treat yourself to a long and bubbly Lush bath. If you only have 5 minutes, try spritzing yourself with a different perfume or use a lipstick shade that isn’t your go-to. The smallest change in your personal grooming will still feel like a luxurious break from routine. Try it and you’ll understand what I mean.

4. Remind Yourself that Everyone Experiences It

From the Kardashians to your best friends, everyone knows what it’s like to be insecure about their body. My favourite example is Lily Collins who is a gorgeous woman and one of my inspirations. She used to hate her eyebrows because they were so thick and different from everyone else’s. Before hearing this, I couldn’t imagine that someone as beautiful as her could have any insecurities at all. The biggest lesson I have learned from her is that everything that makes you different is what makes you beautiful.

5. Dress to Feel Your Best

I always feel at my most confident when I know I look good. For me, that means wearing my contacts instead of my glasses. For you, this might mean wearing your favourite dress, or your favourite sweatpants, or your best skinny jeans. All that matters is that you feel comfortable and confident. If you dress for success, there is no insecurity powerful enough to get you down. 

BONUS TIP: Compliment other people! It’ll make you feel good to know that you have brightened someone else’s day. And while it means little effort on your part, it can make a huge difference for the person on the receiving end and they’ll probably remember it forever. You don’t have to force it, but if you find yourself in a situation where you can offer a genuine compliment, spread the love!


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