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If you know me, you know I’m always playing some silly little game on my phone! I love being able to decompress from stress through some mindless content online. I have played a lot of games that are a little puzzling but never too hard, making them the perfect games to take my mind off of school and work!

#1 – Pakka Pets

This game is so fun! It’s like an elevated Tamagotchi where you can evolve pets into different things. You feed your pet, dress up its room, and play mini-games! I’ve been playing this game since I was about thirteen, and on and off for years now. I always find myself redownloading it because I love it. Being able to take care of a cute pet on your phone is so fun! The animation is also great and the design is so much fun. It’s so cute and fun and will absolutely make you fall in love with it.

#2 – Charades / Heads Up

Heads Up is the more popular app from Ellen DeGeneres, but it costs money so I really like the free version of Charades. Playing this is such an easy way to detox and have some fun. There are a ton of different packs but I really like celebrities, emotions, and food. I love playing this with my friends and family and have been for a while. Heads Up is really fun because it records you as you act out the prompts, but I don’t feel like paying for extra prompts or recordings. Doing celebrity impressions is really fun and it’s great to see how in sync you and your friends are.

#3 – Spot the Difference

I love something that is a good balance of challenging and fun. This app is so great and a classic game based on the childhood game we all grew up with. I love spotting the difference and I honestly get stumped by some of the levels. There are many different kinds of spot-the-difference apps but I like the one called “Spot The Hidden Difference” from Al Games FZ. The illustrations are cute and the design is great!

#4 – 3 Tiles

This is admittedly one of those apps that you find through an ad on another app. But it’s still very very fun! I did download it because the advertisement was infuriating and I wanted to play it right. This app works your brain a little bit more than the others but is still fun and easy enough! It works through a huge sprawl of tiles across the board, and you have to tap three to put it onto your shelf to get rid of the tiles. The game is over when all the tiles are gone. It’s so addicting and mindless, my favourite way to decompress.

#5 – Wordscapes

A total classic! Everyone has played or seen Wordscapes before. It starts with a blank set up of a word cross and a set of letters on your board. You have to connect the letters to spell out words and if they are the right words, they go onto the word cross board. It gets easier the more you go along because you can fill in the blanks as you figure out more words. It’s so fun and really works your brain when you can’t figure it out. I love Wordscapes!

Overall, apps are a great and easy way to help yourself decompress- but definitely not the only way. Think about some ways that are good for you to personally destress and take your mind off of things. Happy destressing!