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5 Easy Ways to Pay it Forward This Holiday Season

The holidays aren’t only about spreading the love to people you love, it’s also about giving back to those in need! Here are 5 ways you can spread the Christmas Cheer.

1. Suspended Coffee

Café Alt on campus has a suspended coffee program where you can purchase a hot drink for yourself and an extra for someone who forgot their wallet that day and needs a little boost. Take one and pass it along!

2. Snuggle Some Animals

Even our furry friends need some loving! Before they make it to their furever homes, head over to the Humane Society and sit in one of their cat sanctuaries to give them some much-needed cuddles. You might even find a new best friend!

The Humane Society also takes all kinds of donations, like old towels or blankets.

3. Baking: The Best Way to Show Your Appreciation

Give cookies to your friends, family, coworkers, or boss as a holiday thank you!

Baking does take time, so try your hand at slice and bake cookies.

  • Freeze some of your dough into a round log
  • Slice into pieces a quarter of an inch wide
  • Bake at 350 for about 6-8 minutes


4. Be Kind to the Folks Working Retail:

There is nothing worse than waiting in line for 20 minutes to cash out while you’re Christmas shopping. However, there’s probably one person that wants to be there less than you do: the cashier.

 Make sure you spread a smile and go out shopping with a sense of humor. It’s a crazy time for everyone!

5. Give Up Your Seat on the Bus

See anyone that might need it more? Ask them if they would like to take your seat! Make OC Transpo a little more bearable for someone else.


Wishing you joy and cheer this holiday season!


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