5 De-Stressing Activities for a Frantic November

Reading week is now over, which means it's midterm season and almost final exam season; aka crunch time. Many of us have tons of midterms to write, and multiple assignments due in the coming weeks. Here are 5 ways to de-stress during the wild November season.

1. Hit the Gym 

The first, and probably the most obvious way to de-stress, is hitting the gym. At UOttawa, we have two gyms: one at Montpetit and one at Minto. The Minto gym is more ideal because it is much larger and has a variety of machines. If you’ve been studying for hours and need some quick and easy stress relief, take a quick walk to either of these gyms and get a good workout in!

2. Visit the Feline Café​

If you’re a coffee lover, and a cat lover, then the Feline Café is perfect for you! The café is located at 1076 Wellington St W, which is about a 20-minute trip total. When you arrive at the café, you first purchase a beverage or a snack, or pay a cover fee, and then you can enter the cat lounge! You can spend time sipping on some great coffee, all while playing with some adorable cats. The best part: all the cats have been rescued and are available for adoption. If you want some pet therapy, this is the place! The Feline Café also offers yoga with cats. It is taking place on Wednesday, November 28th at 7pm so sign up quickly!

3. Paint Nite

Paint Nite is easily one of the most fun and therapeutic activities on this list. After a long day of studying, you can relax with a group of friends and paint something amazing, no matter your skill level. Paint Nite takes place basically every evening, and there are a multitude of paintings to choose from. Check out the website here.

4. Play some games at The Loft Board Game Lounge

What better way to relieve stress than to play unlimited board games? Loft Board Game Lounge is located on Waller St. right behind the Agora Bookstore. For only $6 a person, you can play as many board games, and/or video games, as you like! There is always a great vibe going on and it is definitely a place to be when you need a few hours off. 

5. Puppy Yoga

Last, but certainly not least: puppy yoga. Need I say more? You can spend your afternoon getting a good workout in and gaining flexibility while PUPPIES are running around and playing with you. This has got to be the most relaxing activity out there! The next two dates are on November 11th and 24th, and there are a few time slots left during the day. Make sure to sign up quickly before spots run out!

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