5 Canadian Women in the Health Food Community That You Should be Following

I love food… but what I love even more is a home-cooked meal, already made for you! Not only is it usually healthy and nutritious, it's just so much more satisfying making your own meals. To get inspiration for food, I spend hours scouring the internet for healthy food blogs and YouTube channels — so I have come across a lot of content. From that, I have rounded up my top favourite Canadian women (gotta support Canadians!) in the health food community that you should be following. Listed in no particular order, there is enough variety for both vegans and meat eaters alike! 

1. Lauren Toyota at Hot for Food

Based in Toronto, Lauren has a blog, a YouTube channel and a book! She makes really great healthy vegan recipes and every Wednesday she uploads a new YouTube video, where she shares gourmet vegan comfort food recipes. When you look her up, make sure you check out this video for 5 vegan lunch ideas, this video for a great Buddha Bowl recipe and this one for her famous cauliflower wings!

2. Olivia Biermann at Liv B 

I came across Liv’s videos a while back when her YouTube channel was still relatively new, and her Bento Box lunch ideas got me interested in her videos. She was the first person to introduce me to Bento Boxes! At only 23 years old, Liv, who is based in Halifax, not only has a YouTube channel and a blog, she also has a book coming out in the New Year —  made for vegans that are living on a budget. 

3. Nikole Gonclaves at Health Nut Nutrition

Nikole — also from Toronto — runs a blog and a YouTube channel. She considers herself a passionate "health nut” and is all about a healthy and balanced lifestyle. She has a ton of great recipes and there is definitely something for everyone. I love watching her what I eat in a day videos, as I can always find some inspiration for meals. 

4. Sara Lynn Cauchon at The Domestic Geek

With a YouTube channel that has a little over 1.5 million views, you know she has got some great recipes in store. Sara comes out with a new video every Monday and Thursday. Each video follows a certain theme and includes 3-5 recipes that follow that theme. All her recipes are easy, healthy and feature recipes for both meat eaters and vegetarians. Not only does she have suitable recipes for meat eaters and vegetarians alike, her recipes are so simple that they are great for students who do not have a ton of time to make food but still want to eat from home. Some of her greatest videos include these 3 hearty stew recipes, these 3 autumn inspired muffin recipes and this playlist that is full of meal plan recipes. 

5. Sadia Badiei at Pick up Limes

Sadia is a Canadian foodie and Dietetics graduate currently living in the Netherlands. Her YouTube channel and blog have so much to offer! She not only makes great vegan recipe videos, she also has very informative videos such as this one that is all about oils and fats, as well as videos about minimalism and traveling. Some great videos of hers to check out include this quick vegan breakfast ideas video, this one all about high protein vegan meal ideas, and this make-head vegan lunch ideas