4 Protein-Packed Snacks


I’m what’s commonly known as a “Carb Whore”. I have no shame in admitting that I love carbs. Carbs. Think about it: baguettes, pizza dough, bread, pasta… are you salivating yet?


So what’s the problem? When you eat a lot of carbs, your blood sugar spikes, giving you loads of energy. This ‘carb energy’ doesn’t last long, though. You’ll be hungry again in no time.

When you eat protein, your energy levels maintain a higher level for longer. This means that you won’t be as hungry quite so soon and that you’ll have energy for longer. Here are four delicious protein-packed snacks you can make at home.


1. Chickpeas

Buy a can, rinse, and pat dry. Lightly spread some vegetable oil over those suckers and place in a baking sheet. The oil keeps them from burning, but don’t over kill it. You want them lightly coated, not swimming. Bake them in the oven at 450 degrees F for 30-ish minutes or until crunchy. Now come the plethora of options. Seasoning these bad boys is great for your creative juices. The options are really endless. Here are some HC favourites:

·         Savoury: salt and cumin

·         Sweet: brown sugar and cinnamon

They’re super easy to make, and great for snacks and meal additions. Try tossing them in a salad!


2. Nut Butter

Any kind of nut butter (organic version recommended) spread on anything is a nice treat. Apples, celery, bread, spoons, it all works.


3. Protein Bites

Sometimes they look like little bunny poops, but they always taste good - and they’re fun to make. Pinterest has a ton of recipe and flavour options. I personally like adding coconut shreds and mini chocolate chips in mine. You do you, though.


4. Jerky

Super underrated in my opinion. I love beef jerky. It has a nice salt hit and is so adaptable. If you cut them up into little bits and throw them on a salad, or, replace your morning bacon in you BLT with a slice of jerky, it’ll be just as good. Promise.


What’s your protein punch? Comment below or tag us on Instagram in a picture of your protein-filled meal! @hercampus_uottawa