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4 Awesome Instagrams for Wanderlusters

Calling all you travel lovers! If you have wanderlust (a strong desire to travel), then this post is for you. I myself have been bitten by the travel bug and dream about jumping on a plane and flying to all of the places that are on my travel bucket list. Unfortunately, there’s this whole university thing that gets in the way; so for now, I can only dream. One of the best ways to see the world, without leaving the comfort of your couch, is through Instagram. There are thousands of accounts that are devoted to pictures of our world, best travel tips and hidden gems. Love traveling and want to see the world yourself? Check out these awesome Instagram accounts to follow now!


One of my favorite accounts to follow is Earthpix because they post beautiful pictures of places all over the world. They like to bounce around all of the continents, posting pictures that are submitted by many different photographers. I especially like Earthpix because they show me the beautiful side of places that I never thought I would want to go, like Cappadocia, Turkey and New Zealand.

Specific Country Tourism Instagrams (Visit Ireland, Visit Denmark)

If you have a specific country that you are dying to visit, why not follow their tourism page? I follow pages like Visit Denmark and Visit Switzerland because those are some of my favorite countries in Europe. Not only do they post amazing pictures of the landscape of the country, they post pictures of local food, animals and culture. If you are planning that backpacking trip after graduation, these pages might give you some inspiration for things to do and see!

New York Times Travel

The New York Times newspaper has always had a Travel section in their Sunday paper, full of great articles about different cities and regions in the world. Now, they’ve gone to Instagram to provide the same, awesome content every day. New York Times Travel is especially awesome to follow because of the detail they put into describing their photos. They describe what the photo is, where the photo was taken and link to the story that accompanies it. I love to read the articles while also looking at the beauty of the photos.


Have a desire to travel but don’t want to leave Canada? This page is for you. We often forget how wonderful our country is, with its many climates and beautiful landscape. Following the Canada account reminded me not only of the beauty of our country, but also of how I have so much left to see of it. One of the coolest parts about the page is that all the pictures are taken by people like you and submitted to the page. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll get a feature on the page!

Happy swiping! 


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