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10 Fashion Rules You Only Break in University

1. Leggings as Pants
Enjoy the precious time you have left wearing leggings with pretty much anything while you still can, because in the “real world”, leggings are NOT pants. If you think jeans are a pain, dress pants are another level of hell that no university can prepare you for. 

2. University Gear
As proud as you are to be a Gee-Gee now, your future employer probably doesn’t want to see you walking around in your uni hoodie. There might also be plenty of rivalries (*cough* Ravens) with your co-workers since they won’t all be from your university either.

3. Graphic Shirts
This also means stop shopping at Forever21, because cute clothing doesn’t include slogans about cats, coffee, wine, and pizza. But all those things will be there in spirit to help you cope with the real world.

4. Crop tops
You probably wore crop tops to rez’ parties and even your classes in the summer, but they’re not really the most work-friendly attire. Unless you’re working at Warehouse or some other bartending job in the market, you might want to save crop tops (and your job, might I add) for the music festivals.

5. Gym clothes
Even though your Nikes, leggings, and baseball cap were the norm and regular go-to in uni, you probably won’t find any other place post-grad where that’s acceptable. Let’s face it, unless you’re heading to Whole Foods as a post-workout pit stop, no one will really understand why you’re out with prom-worthy make up and an outfit that says the complete opposite.

6. Sweatpants
I’m not entirely sure that after number 5 this still needs an explanation. But for those who shamelessly rock their sweats even outside exam period, this is concerning to the 9-5’ers who wouldn’t be anywhere past their front porch in sweatpants.

7. Miniskirts and daisy dukes
Yes, you are slaying in both, but understand that this is literally club attire outside of campus. Even though you’ve definitely gotten a few glimpses of admiring eyes on you around campus, you won’t be getting the same admiration (unfortunately) in the professional world.

8. Crewnecks and hoodies
This is the single clothing item that says “student” on its own, no matter what you wear it with. The truth is, you need to leave that basic maroon hoodie at home. The same goes for Supreme, Nike, “Good Vibes Only”, and any other overused slogan about giving up on life. Believe it or not, you’ve graduated and are no longer in that phase!

9. Slippers and socks
I still question how necessary it really is to be wearing these on campus, let alone outside campus. Are you hot? Are you cold? Aren’t your feet sweaty? I’m uncomfortable looking at them, and so is everyone else, so for the sake of society just keep those babies at home.

10. See-through clothing
I salute women who wear these types of tops effortlessly, because my anxiety when I see girls make the SLIGHTEST move in those things is on another level. For real though, these are sexy AF for a night out when everyone’s too drunk to worry about how you’ve kept it all together. 

Even though the real world sees it as breaking fashion rules, students are the real ones winning for being able to wear what they want, wherever, and at any time of the day. That’s the only real fashion goals we need TBH!  


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Raghdah is the Editor of the Fashion & Beauty team at the University of Ottawa Her Campus Chapter. Raghdah is a graduate of the University of Ottawa where she studied Political Science and now continues her work in the Government of Canada. Outside of her career, she spends most of her time writing, travelling, practising yoga, and running. If being a foodie, coffee-addict, aspiring cat lady, and binge-watching Scandal count as hobbies, then she's living the life. You will most likely find her planning her next trip or trying to adopt another cat at your local pet shelter.
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