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So You’re a Senior Afraid to Graduate

By: Sara Fox

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Here I am, four years later, and I never actually thought that I would get to this place, seeing hundreds of people graduate before me and looking at them thinking that I still have time. Time is up. I just took my last ballet class of my college career, ever. It’s time to face the real world and begin to get excited about the next stage in life and the journey that is to come. One of the thoughts that is bringing me comfort during this time is that I am not alone. All of my friends are experiencing this new change together, we are about to leave each other and begin a new chapter of our lives. One of the things that I will always look back on during my college career is, yes the fun times, but also the ability to live within a mile radius of my best friends for 10 months. That is what I am going to miss most. 

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I feel that with the pandemic, obviously everyone was impacted immensely, but as a senior I feel that my last year of college is ending without anything really happening; I never got a “last game day,” a “last bid day,” a “last time at (the infamous) Skeeps,” the list goes on and on. I guess in a sense it is nice to never really have to say goodbye and come to terms with the many “lasts” that other seniors experience but at the same time it feels that I, and many other graduating seniors, are lacking closure. 

As graduation is approaching fast my roommates and I have been trying to plan something everyday. Whether it’s as crazy as creating a new drinking game, or as simple as getting dinner. We are trying to plan moments for all of us to be together during these last few weeks. We are all excited to begin this new chapter; moving to a new city, living in an apartment, and starting a new job that we are excited about, but leaving one another in order to do this is the downfall of these new and exciting times. 

[bf_image id="mc68nxmrgv5b9jk3qs9bs5g"] My advice for the graduating seniors, and the classes that will soon face this reality in just a year, is to embrace every emotion you’re feeling. It’s okay to be sad during this time. Cry about it. But also, in those times of sadness remember the great moments and remember that there is still time to make more memories. For example, begin to plan trips for the future. Whether it’s a post-grad trip or even a trip later in the year to visit friends in other cities, this will give you something to look forward to, and hopefully help with the unavoidable separation easier. Also remember that you may be moving to different cities initially but especially within the last few years recent graduates have moved around and changed careers quite frequently. So, although you may end up across the country from one of your best friends, give it a year and maybe you’ll be reunited.

Another big takeaway/advice I can give is to remember that it’s not a competition. Everyone has their own journey. Everyone's success will look different. It is ok to struggle and not have any idea what you want to do, it’s even ok to change careers. College is a time where you can be selfish and do what makes you happy, but post-grad is just the same. Pursue your passions.

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College is ending, graduation is fast approaching, take time to appreciate yourself and the hard work you have done throughout your four years. Your hard work does not go unnoticed. Continue pushing yourself and discovering who you are, it’s okay to not have it all together all the time even as an adult.

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The Her Campus Staff at U Mich would like to thank Sara Fox for all of her hard work and wish her congratulations on graduation!

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