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MUSKET Marketing: What I’ve Learned from Managing A Large Organization’s Marketing

I grew up surrounded by theatre and music, seven years of acting, voice and dance lessons to keep me busy and entertained. I loved being on stage under the lights and surrounded by the scent of hairspray. When the time came to apply to colleges, I left my first love behind for something more suited to my skills. I found marketing to be a perfect combination of the creative side and analytical mind that I have. I was able to find the best balance of my love of theatre and marketing to become the Marketing Director for MUSKET, the University of Michigan’s largest student-run theatre organization.

There are so many challenges that come with being a leader in a large organization. You have to learn how to work with people from all different backgrounds and adapt to their personal perspectives. While at times this can be difficult, I find myself thinking of how great it is that I’m able to meet people from all over the university through this organization. It’s a wonderful thing to go to any performance and recognize at least two people that I’ve interacted with throughout the year.  I have learned how to integrate myself and create my own space in a large organization where everyone is so familiar with each other and their work styles. This is so valuable when you enter a new situation and have to adapt so quickly to the group you will be working with.

I’ve also learned how to look for the opportunities. Marketing is everywhere and if you open your eyes, it can be so easy to find a new venue to market your product through. I’ve figured out how to be creative when it comes to advertising a show. Be it through memes or “The Office” type cast interviews, there are so many ways to take advantage of your resources around you. A little bit of creative thinking can pay off in big ways. Through this semester I’ve found that it is worth it to be a little bit risky every so often.

Yet the biggest thing I’ve learned through this experience is how to motivate people. Recently, the election had the cast and marketing team downcast and nervous. Emotions were running high and people were losing sight of the end goal. I took a step back and thought about why we did what we did. I told the team that this is what the campus needs right now. Art is what we can do to make people feel better in this stressful time. I got to see people shake off their nerves and agree to get to work in order to provide what they could to their community. I’ve never been prouder of a group of people in my life.  

I’ve learned that doing what you love requires sacrifice and stress but in the end seeing it all come together makes it worth it. Nothing is going to be worthwhile if it does not take work in my opinion.


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Images courtesy of UM Musket. 

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