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I’m not entirely sure if this happens at colleges other than Michigan, but it seems as though once the first round of midterms start we are all in full-swing exam-mode for the rest of the semester. If you are lucky enough to have your midterms pretty spread out to allow for ample study time, you are also unlucky because you never seem to have a break! By this point in the semester, and with spring break behind us, most of us can definitely relate to these Gilmore Girls inspired feelings we have while studying for midterms.

1. “I need coffee in an IV.” I have most definitely quoted this Lorelai line when pulling an all nighter in the UGLI because, as my friends like to joke, I have a Grandma bedtime of 10:30 pm. 

2. “And it’s so good to have someone to share this hate with.” Luke totally understands why it’s so great to have friends to sit with in class or go to the library with!

3. “I mean, with the hair and the teeth and the… you know?” And when I really feel like I know the answer but I just can’t articulate it, I feel a little bit like how Sookie sounds about the… you know. 

4. “It’s a lifestyle… it’s a religion.” Pizza? Spring break is over… Ok, pizza. Rory of all people knows that being well fed is important so that you have the fuel to continue studying.

5. “Have you lost your mind?” When my friends ask if I am going out this weekend but I have three midterms coming up the following week, the Emily Gilmore side of me shows through…

6. “I’ll eat to that.” Don’t worry though, our 4 month long summer is coming so soon and we will all be missing Ann Arbor (even if being here means studying for exams) before we know it!


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