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Thankful For Our Her Campus Chapters: Hannah Paulo From Lasell University

This Thanksgiving, members of Her Campus at the University of Michigan are partnering with fellow HC chapters from the University of Puerto Rico, College of the Holy Cross, and Lasell University to show our appreciation for each other.

While hundreds of miles apart, we all share a zeal for writing and its grounding nature. We are united in this way. I was lucky enough to share this passion with. Hannah, a Her Campus member from Lasell University.

As we know, college is very touch-an-go. It’s a time of introspection, self-discovery, confusion, contentment, newness — a mosaic of emotions. With that, it’s important we take a step back to appreciate the stage of life we are currently in, chaos and all. This week I got to know Hannahand hear all the things she’s thankful for as an active college student.

Hannah (she/her/hers) attends Lasell University in Newton, Massachusetts. She is a junior majoring in education with a minor in child and adolescent studies. She has been a member of Her Campus since freshman year, and is currently a copy editor for her chapter.

Why did you join Her Campus? What’s your favorite thing to write about?

Hannah was intrigued by Her Campus when she discovered it freshman year and decided to join as she enjoys writing. She has made a lot of friends through the organization and has remained active throughout her time at Lasell.

No matter what category Hannah is writing under, she likes to incorporate a personal component to her writing. Examples of this include writing about the colors she’s dyed her hair or talking about her guinea pig.

What are you thankful for?

Hannah is grateful for her brother, sister, parents and friends who she loves and are “totally awesome.” She is thankful for her pets: a dog and a guinea pig.

She’s found her niche and is so happy in her major. She even student teaches in a first grade classroom and loves the kids she gets to work with. She’s grateful for her education and ability to attend a university she loves.

Oh, and she’s grateful for lays potato chips and French onion dip. A stellar comfort snack.

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Hope Cordes

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Hope is a freshman at the University of Michigan planning to study PPE (Politics, Philosophy, and Economics) with a possible minor in Spanish. She loves Lake Michigan, fall, Taylor Swift, dogs, ice cream, and anything that makes her laugh.
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