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To The Girl Struggling with Recruiting

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mich chapter.

To The Girl Struggling With Recruiting,


I know this time of year is really difficult. Classes are a lot of work, and while summer is so far away, it seems as if everyone has a fancy internship already lined up.


While we all thought the odds of getting into college were slim, what’s even slimmer is getting an internship. Perfecting your resume and writing that ever changing cover letter to make it sound like you are the perfect fit for every company you apply to.


Take a deep breath.


You will find the right place for you. You will get an awesome internship.


While a lot of the big firms you always see in the news or on social media are extending final offers, I promise you that you will still succeed in life even without a three month internship from X company.


So many cool companies haven’t even started recruiting yet.


I didn’t get my internship secure until April of last year and I started in May. It was super stressful waiting, but I LOVED it and it was worth the wait.


If you are still stressed here are some things you can do…


  1. Use your network! Not just your friends but your parent’s friends. Another great option is reaching out to alumni from your university and talk to them about what they are doing and see if they have any insight into the recruiting process from said company.

  2. Research companies that you are interested in and reach out to the recruiters to see if they have an opportunities – I cold emailed a recruiter and got an interview once.

  3. Go to your universities Career Center. They will lead you in the direction of companies that are looking for students from your university (chances of getting hired go up yess).

  4. Get on websites like Handshake, Wayup, Ripplematch. You create a profile with your resume, interests, and skills and will get matched with a bunch of companies within your criteria looking for what you have!