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Founded in 2019 by junior Willa Sobel, MASH Magazine has grown extensively at the University of Michigan. The magazine aims to bring varying youth perspectives surrounding the fashion-business enterprise by creating captivating themed editions that are impossible to put down. 

Last year, founder Willa Sobel noticed how the University of Michigan lacks a program surrounding the intersection of business and fashion, making it difficult for those interested in retail to get their foot in the door. Alas, she created MASH Magazine to build a community of determined, like-minded individuals dedicated to advancing fashion’s future.



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Willa has recently passed down her position as Editor in Chief to sophomore Sydnee Lubar who has helped grow MASH exponentially. The program has expanded to include a diverse group of editorial members allowing for a multitude of voices. Furthermore, MASH’s social media following has doubled. 

Recently, MASH has created purpose-driven merchandise in lieu of their themed editions. In March, MASH partnered with Soho Youth Club to create a sweatsuit in which 100% of profits went to the Robot Garage and FIRST in Michigan to support the facilitation of robotics programs for local adjudicated and at-risk youth. 

Their latest initiative is in conjunction with their most recent edition, Edition VI: Comme des Femmes. Articles in this edition highlight the boundaries that females have broken in the fashion-business world. With March being Women’s History Month, Sydnee Lubar insightfully claims that “In an ideal world, we would not need a distinguished month to showcase female success”. Edition VI: Comme des Femmes allows readers to analyze how we can separate the stigma associated with being a female founder by embracing innovations from girl bosses and ultimately motivating young women to realize that they are capable of changing the world. 

On April 8th, 2021, the MASH team released merchandise in collaboration with The Pad Project- a foundation dedicated to ending menstrual inequities across the globe. Women need proper feminine care more than ever before due to a drop in finances from COVID-19. All profits from MASH’s latest apparel drop will be donated to The Pad Project to help them allocate accessible pad machines in places of need and to host workshops in communities that lack knowledge of proper feminine hygiene. 



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Moreover, MASH is hosting a showing of The Pad Project’s Oscar-winning film Period. End of Sentence. via Netflix party on Monday, April 12th at 7 PM EST to educate their followers about a global epidemic surrounding inadequate feminine hygiene. 

I am thoroughly impressed by MASH and their ever-growing presence on campus. I encourage you to check out their past work, as well as their campaign to create clothing that has a cause. 

To support The Pad Project and MASH: check out the apparel at https://www.themashmag.com/merch-and-philanthropy

To check out MASH’s latest Edition VI: Comme des Femme: https://www.themashmag.com/edition-vi

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