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Elegance Fashion’s 40th Annual “Show With Fashion”

Elegance Fashion is a student organization at the University of Michigan that encourages the expression of individuality through fashion and the arts. It also supports the local community through various fundraising events and outreach. Her Campus sat down with Elegance Fashion’s President Kaitlyn Moore to discuss the organization’s mission, as well as its upcoming 40th Annual Fashion Show.

HerCampus: How would you summarize Elegance Fashion and the impact this organization and event have on our community? 

Kaitlyn Moore: Elegance Fashion is the largest and longest-running fashion organization on campus, and is particularly known for this event, which hosts over 600 people each year. Our event proceeds are donated to local charities or other organizations that similarly support self-expression and uniqueness within youth culture. 

HC: How are the models and clothing chosen for these fashion shows? 

KM: All of our models are student volunteers. Bother underclassmen and upperclassmen can participate, as can non-U of M students. We get our clothing from all over the nation, but mostly try to support local Detroit and Ann Arbor boutiques. Student designers can also showcase their own work, or promote their brands and businesses through this event.” 

HC: What are the event specifics? 

KM: The show begins at 8pm on April 7th at the Intramural Sports Building (606 E Hoover Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48109). There are various ticket packages, with general admission tickets selling at $15. VIP tickets and gift bags are available for purchase as well. 

HC: What can students expect coming into this year’s annual Elegance Fashion Show? 

KM: This year’s theme is “XL”, which represents both the number 40 in Roman numerals, as this will be our 40th annual show, as well as our goals to host an event that is even bigger and better than before. We actually call it a “show with fashion” because there are so many aspects involved. Our shows include entertainment from local artists and performers, surprising celebrity guests, and various vendors. You don’t have to be into fashion to have a good time. 

More admission and general event information can be found on the Elegance Fashion Show website.

Official instagram: @elegancefashionum 

Images Courtesty of: Elegance Fashion

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