Breaking News: Joe’s Pizza Opens Its Doors to Ann Arbor

Mondays are hard. This is a fact, not an opinion. As I trudged home a little after 9 p.m from my organic chemistry review, all I wanted was to crawl in bed and have this Monday be over. That was, until I stumbled upon a long line sprawling down South University. The long awaited Joe’s Pizza was packed with excited students practically foaming at the mouth. For the night, Joe’s Pizza had opened its doors to Ann Arbor and was handing out free slices to eagerly awaiting fans and newcomers.

If you aren’t from New York, you might be asking why the pre-opening of a pizza joint on campus is anything special. If you are from New York, I expect you to have already booked it to the line in order to get one of the best New York slices. 

Serving up their own version of the iconic New York slice, Joe’s Pizza opened its doors in 1975 in Manhattan. Since then, they have attracted New Yorkers, a large collection of celebs, and many tourists all wanting a taste of their mouthwatering pizza. 

Not only is it a big deal that Michigan has gained a top rated pizza joint, but this is also the first time ever that Joe’s Pizza has opened up shop outside of New York. This was confirmed by one of Joe’s grandson’s at the store pre-opening, as he hung framed pictures of celebs indulging in their own slice. 

On this late Monday night, pizzas were flying out of the oven and into the hands of students at an incredible speed. The line behind me sprawled so far that I could not even see the end as I approached the store front. After a surprisingly short wait, I was handed a free slice of the delectably greasy and fresh pizza. It was everything as promised. The slice was the perfect combination of cheese pull, sweet sauce, and crispy crust. Despite a very excited boyfriend waiting at home (a New York native), I was unable to save even a single bite. 

If the sneak peak that was dolled out to hungry students is any indication of the coming months, Joe’s Pizza will be a great hit on Michigan’s campus. Joe’s Pizza: A little slice of New York right here in Ann Arbor. They hope to open their doors this Thursday, September 12th. 


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