Alexa Moss and Caitlin Forbes: Presidents of the Michigan Fashion Media Summit

Her Campus got the unique opportunity to sit down with Alexa Moss and Caitlin Forbes, the co-presidents of an organization here on campus called the Michigan Fashion Media Summit [MFMS].

HC: Can you tell us a bit about what MFMS is? What is it like to be the head of the organization?

AM + CF: Michigan Fashion Media Summit is an annual day long event held at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Our summit is filled with industry defining keynote conversations from the top names in retail, exclusive networking opportunities with the world’s largest brands, and a student brand showcase from elite up-and-coming talent.

Being the head of the MFMS has been an incredible learning experience and continues to allow us to grow and shape our leadership skills. The job comes with a great responsibility, but allows us the opportunity to impact and inspire our amazing team, as well as being inspired by them.

HC: What exactly does the role of being co-presidents of MFMS entail?

AM + CF: As Co-Presidents of the MFMS, we are in charge of overseeing the entire Student Planning team. We also run the Speaker team, which is in charge of curating top leaders from the fashion industry to speak at the Summit. Additionally, we make big decisions for the direction of the team and the summit. We work closely with the Operations team to make sure that all internal and external communication aligns, that we stay on brand, and that everyone on the team is working towards a collective goal. Our goal is to be role models for team members and bring a positive attitude and a close knit working environment so that working together on a big project comes naturally.

HC: What is a typical day in the life of a MFMS president like?

AM + CF: What we love about our job is that every day is filled with a different challenge or goal to accomplish. We usually start the day by checking our emails, reading the Business of Fashion so that we are up to speed, and then texting each other to coordinate our days, as well as check in with our Operations team and Executive Board. Between classes, the two of us take many phone calls with industry professionals, write emails, work on Summit-day initiatives, and meet with members of our team. Even though the days are busy, we love getting into bed at night knowing that we accomplished what we set out to do.

HC: Could you describe your journey in both joining MFMS, as well as the path that led you both to becoming the presidents?

AM: Growing up outside of New York City and with family in the industry, my fondest memories are attending fashion weeks and going to offices to run around and meet the people behind the scenes and productions. Here is where I promised myself my future would be in fashion. I only wanted to attend the University of Michigan and knew that it was going to be difficult; I would have to create my own path to combat the lack of resources in the fashion sector. I first became involved with MFMS when Ali Gropper wrote a message in a GroupMe chat we were both in that included a survey about the existence of fashion on our campus. I immediately sent her a message and within minutes, knew I had found someone who shared the same enthusiasm and eagerness to make something like the MFMS happen.

CF: Similarly to Alexa, my blood runs Blue. I have only ever had eyes for the University of Michigan, and I was determined to create a career path that gave me a unique advantage in the fashion industry; the Michigan advantage. Individually, I worked with professors to integrate fashion studies into my course work and apply applicable concepts, thus deepening my knowledge of fashion. Once I was approached by Ali Gropper and a few others about the plans to bring fashion to campus, I was intrigued by the opportunity to build on my individual goal into a journey to educate and work with like-minded students to make something great happen.

HC: How has MFMS impacted, shaped, and influenced you emotionally and professionally?

AM + CF: The MFMS is a full time job. We have taught ourselves how to balance being a full time student with working, which has taught us professionalism, balance, efficiency, leadership, and made us emotionally stronger.

HC: So far, what is the most important lesson you’ve learned from serving as the co-presidents of MFMS?

AM + CF: Definitely the importance of communication throughout the team! Working with over 50 members, the MFMS team runs on effective communication and collaboration.

HC: If you could describe your presidency in one word, what would it be?

AM: Fulfilling.

CF: Rewarding.


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