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5 Tips for Scheduling Next Semester’s Classes

Hey Wolverines! Finals got you down? What about that post-Thanksgiving break lull? Does it seem impossible to study, let alone deal with the daunting task of scheduling classes for next semester? Have no fear! Check out these following tips on how to make sure your scheduling process is as easy as binge watching your favorite Netflix show. 

1. See your advisor. This can’t be stressed enough! Your advisor is there to help you with your academics, especially when it comes to scheduling classes. They know all of the specific requirements for your major, as well as the core classes that you need to take in order to graduate. So head on over to Angell Hall, or check out the Newnan Advising Center’s website to set up an advising appointment.

2. Use the “Rate My Professor” Chrome extension. The LSA course guide can be a bit overwhelming at first glance. You might find some interesting sounding classes, but how do you know if the professor will make the class worth your while? Be sure to download this Google Chrome extension, which allows you to see the course’s “Rate My Professor” rating right alongside the class description. This tool is perfect when searching for those awesome professors, or even just an “easy A” course.

3. Talk to your upperclassmen friends. The best way to find out if a class is worth taking is by talking to someone who has taken it before. Upperclassmen can separate the truth from rumors when it comes to courses they’ve taken, so be sure to contact your favorite older friends when choosing classes for the upcoming semesters. Plus, by now they’ve figured out how to schedule around Friday classes and can definitely give you a few pointers. 

4. Ask a professor. Talking to professors is a highly underused method for finding the perfect classes to take next semester. Have a favorite professor from this past semester? Ask them if they have any classes or colleagues that they could recommend. They know the ins and outs of their field of study, and will definitely know the best classes for you to take.

5. Take a class with a friend. If all else fails and you still can’t figure out which course to take, then sign up with a friend! If it turns out to be boring, then you’ll have your pal there to lighten things up; if it turns out to be harder than expected, then you’ll have the perfect study buddy.

Remember, the University of Michigan is an amazing school, and even without these tips, you’re sure to find some awesome classes that will not only increase your knowledge on the subject matter, but will also inspire you in ways you’d never expect.


Images courtesy of: University of Michigan LSA Course Guide, Blogspot, Buzzfeed, and WordPress

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