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13 Phone Backgrounds to Keep You Motivated

We’re all stuck in the post-spring break, post-midterms slump where a task as simple as doing laundry seems way out of our league. Sitting down to do your readings is harder than ever right now–the end of the year is in sight, but it isn’t close enough. Finding the motivation to do anything is almost impossible, but you need to keep pushing! To help yourself out, try changing your phone background to one of these calming, motivating, or just downright cheerful images. Sure, it’s just a photo, but constant reminders to keep going can do wonders on your motivation levels!


This reminder to be you:

This not-so-subtle push in the right direction:

This creature who is way too cute not to cheer you up:

For a simple and aesthetically pleasing reminder:

And another one:

This super fun validation:

The honest truth:

For all you flower lovers out there:

Something college students seem to forget too often:

A reminder that you can do anything:

This simple yet crucial reminder:

For the times when you think you’re going to fail your class:

This reminder to finish the year off strong:


Even little things like this can help change your mindset and push you through these final weeks of the semester. Keep on going!


Images courtesy of Buzzfeed, Fresh Mommy Blog, Tumblr, Kraft Mint, and Something Peach. 

Carly is a sophomore at the University of Michigan majoring in Communications with a minor in Digital Studies. She adores travelling and super corny inspirational quotes. Some fun facts: she owns way too many cat sweaters and her signature order at IHOP is a double order of bacon. Follow her on instagram and twitter @ cargriffinn.
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