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‘You’ Season Three Review: Joe and Love Quinn-Goldberg’s Crazy Marriage!

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Anyone who has not finished the third season of You: beware! This article contains some spoilers. Definitely check back in once you watched this crazy 10 episode season. It goes by quickly, especially if you binge it all in a matter of 36 hours like I did!

Okay, I am curious to hear what everyone thought of this season. Honestly, I am seeing such mixed reviews on platforms like Reddit and Twitter, but in my personal opinion, this season was AWESOME. I am a huge TV show and movie girl, and I don’t think I would be able to binge ten, hour-long episodes if a show was not good. I have loved every season of You so far. Season one introduced us to Joe and his stalking ways. Season two introduced us to Joe’s match-made-in-heaven; Love. And season three brought us Joe and Love’s new baby boy, Henry, along with their crazy marriage, new neighbors, new home, and a lot of new stuff that gets really messy, really damn quickly.

One of my favorite things about this show is that you never truly know what the heck is going to happen! I seriously did not expect Joe’s new love interest, Natalie, to get killed off so fast?! TBH I wish she didn’t, as do a lot of other people taking their judgments about the season to Reddit. I saw a lot of people talk about how Natalie could have made a really cool character, especially because she seemed to have been involved in the world of technology and cyber-security like her husband was.

It honestly cracked me up to see people argue online over whether Joe or Love was crazier. Like, hello! They are both equally as messed up! Love literally was so deeply rooted with insecurities from her home situation at such a young age that she literally felt the need to kill anyone that got in between her and Joe, even if it was just intuition. The thing is though, her intuition was usually right because she knew Joe better than anyone ever could. She knew his stalker ways and made it a point that she knew exactly what he was up to and when. Love may have been crazy, but she was never stupid.

Joe, on the other hand, actually seemed to try to be a lot better than the killer he used to be. This is so bizarre, considering he is the main character of the show. But he was still Joe. He still killed when he needed to. He still stalked when he wanted to. But we now see his most prized possession in his new life with Love is their baby boy, and he wants to do just about anything to keep him safe.

At the end of the day, the show’s new season demonstrates what people are willing to do to protect their children, no matter how messed up it is.

There are so many twists and turns in this season that you simply need to watch to understand. So I hope you’re watching or have already done so — with PLENTY of popcorn in hand!

Season four here we come!!!!

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