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Worthwhile Quarantine Activities: As Told By Our Readers

Since March, people across the globe have had some extra time on their hands to pick up on activities they may not have indulged in otherwise. While some may have tackled practical DIY home improvement projects, others may have simply found time to start a daily journal. From reading a new book to crafting a new dish, the possibilities for developing new hobbies and skills during this time have been nearly limitless. 

I asked some followers and friends of Her Campus UMass Amherst what some of their favorite quarantine activities were. Here’s what they said.

Samantha: Embroidering

Reason to love it: I picked up embroidery and I loved it! It was just really calming and it made me feel like I was being really productive even when I was just binge watching Netflix.

Recommend it? Yes! It was really relaxing and the sound of the needle piercing the fabric is incredible. Music to my ears. 

Soph’s Suggestion: If you’re a beginner, watch this video to learn some basic stitches. Then, find inspiration from an assortment of simple (and free!) patterns like the ones here. Once you have a piece of fabric and some embroidery thread you can get going! 

Christi: Spending Time Outdoors

Reason to love it: Spending time outdoors was the most enjoyable for me because it was a great escape from being stuck indoors. Between quarantine & working from home, going outside was a great form of exercising & entertainment while social distancing.

Recommend it? Yes, because I think people don’t usually have enough time in their day to spend it outside, so I think enjoying nature is a great way to take advantage of all this extra down time away from our phones/screens. 

Soph’s Suggestion: If you’re near the UMass Amherst campus, check out Mount Norwottuck! This 3.4 mile moderate loop has the highest peak in the Holyoke range. Plus, if you decide to hike when the leaves are changing colors, you’ll have a breathtaking view of the area. For more information, you can look here.

Cam: Virtually Connecting With Friends and Family

Reason to love it: Connecting with friends and family virtually was a great way to be a little less lonely over these hard times.

Recommend it? Yes because sometimes it's nice to hear from family and friends.

Soph’s Suggestion: At the start of quarantine, I would love to play this drawing game with my friends while we were on Zoom so that we could hear each other’s reactions in real time. However, with classes starting back up, the Zoom fatigue is real. Now, I’d suggest just shooting your pals a text to check in. Wondering what you should say? Check out this awesome resource. 

Nat: Trying a New Workout

Reason to love it: Working out and exercising was the most meaningful to me because of the feeling that I felt when I was finished. This activity taught me how to work on my self discipline along with motivation. There were some days where I would wake up and not even want to get out of bed, but then I would remember the goals that I had set for myself. 

Recommend it? Yes, the feeling afterward is definitely worth it.

Soph’s Suggestion: If you’re skeptical about going to the gym or you don’t have the best space outside of your home to workout, then an at-home workout is for you! Personally, I don’t have any equipment at my house so I tend to gravitate towards watching YouTube videos. I like this short beginner video for an ab workout, and this one for a booty burn workout. 

Even if you’re already in a groove with some new hobbies, these ones are definitely worth trying (at least once)! If you can stay physically active while still being connected to yourself and others, you will be able to absolutely thrive through quarantine. 

Sophia Apteker

U Mass Amherst '23

Sophia is the former editor-in-chief of the UMass Amherst chapter. She is double majoring in journalism and integrated marketing communication. When she's not laughing at her own jokes, she can be found curating niche Spotify playlists that make her feel like the main character.
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