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Why I Cannot Stop Watching Studio Apartment Tours

In the past year, I think we’ve all come to spend a lot more time in our space and I have definitely become a little tired of my surroundings. It’s always fun to go on Pinterest and see what others do with their space and this has led me down the rabbit hole of studio apartment tours.

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Timothy Buck

Typically, studio apartments range from 200-350 square feet and consist of a living room, dining room, and bedroom; all wrapped into one. This may seem unpleasant, but the people in these videos really seem to make it work and it’s caused me to reflect on how much stuff I actually need.

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Minimalism is an area of thought that explores the idea that less stuff leads to greater peace of mind. I never really thought about how the objects surrounding me and their abundance could impact my state of mind, but the more I learn about it, the more intrigued I am to try clearing out what I really don’t need. I’ve watched so many of these apartment tours because they show how to live with less and it’s very satisfying.

I keep watching these videos to see what is really essential and what I can get rid of. It can be exciting buying new things, yes, but it can feel even better giving something away or donating it, knowing another person could have a better use for it. I’m trying to envision all of my belongings in a 200 square foot space and how overwhelmed I would be! It surely is time for spring cleaning and studio apartment tours are my source of inspiration to get things out and declutter my mind.

I also love watching these tours because the décor is often on point! Decorating a small space versus a larger space is much easier in my opinion and it can be fun to see how creative people can be in such tight quarters. Thinking about landing a good apartment in the future can be daunting, but seeing the possibilities in such a seemingly difficult space is inspiring and eases the nerves.

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Photo by Kinga Cichewicz from Unsplash

This spring I am waking up with the mindset that less is more. I’m trying a new perspective: instead of just getting rid of what I don’t have use for, I’ll also lessen what doesn’t actively serve my happiness. I think we can all choose to hold on to things in hopes that one day they will serve us, but often those days never come. I for sure do this, but with this new mindset, I hope to see what an extreme reduction in belongings can do to benefit my mental health.

These studio apartment tours have really opened my eyes to the mindset of what my space can do for me instead of what I can do for my space. Less clutter and real estate that is unnecessarily occupied by unused stuff can translate to a more organized and productive environment and I’m excited to see that change. Big shout and thanks to studio apartment tours!

Elizabeth Webler

U Mass Amherst '22

Elizabeth studies philosophy, political science, and communications at UMass Amherst. Favorite topics to write about include politics, personal growth, and current events. She loves reading, watching SNL and exercising in her free time!
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