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Why Change Is so Fearful but Needs to Be Welcomed

Change. A dreaded word for some. I know it is for me. But why? What is it about those six letters that make you filled with fear and anxiety? Is it the word itself or the knowledge behind that word? We all know once we hear that word that something is coming, happening, and it is going to be different than what maybe you are used to. 

It’s hard to grasp the gravity and meaning of change. Change is an alteration or modification. Now I’m not saying all change is bad because there is a change we all have and go through that is actually very beneficial and contributes positively to our lives. The end result itself can be good or bad. I believe it is the part leading up to that, the changing part itself, that is so terrifying. Everyone has a routine and roles they have become accustomed to. It is easy to develop a habit you are comfortable with and this is seen typically when you are in one place for a long time. You simply get used to the life you are living. It really is easier that way. It is a comfort for many. Change itself can uproot that. 

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Change is inevitable. People, places, and things change every day. There is not a specific timeline for when things do change, but it will happen. For example, many of us reading this have graduated high school and went through one of the biggest changes, that being attending college. It was terrifying, and even speaking now as a junior in college, it still can be. But for those who always had a dream of college, that change was going to be inevitable. I believe that life has a funny way of working out. I believe that people come and go into your life, new opportunities arise, and things are even taken away from you as a learning experience. It can be both painful and wonderful. All of these things are considered a change. 

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Despite the inevitable fear and heartache that may come with a change in your life, it has to be welcomed. One other funny thing about life is that even if you stop for a second, it goes on without you. It is one big ferris wheel that never truly stops going around and around. If some change in your life comes around and maybe it is too unbearable to go through and you decide you won’t accept that change, life will move on. You can’t miss it. It can be terrifying, sudden, considerable, radical, important, and exciting. Most of all, despite it being all of these things, it needs to be accepted. Even if it ends up not working out, another change will come whenever it comes and it will have a way of piecing together your life. Change also might just be the best thing you decide to welcome openly. It can alter your life and the course of your own personal journey for the better. So, the next time a scary change comes along, recognize the fear you are feeling, but don’t stand down to it. Welcome it, the best you can. 

Katie Hagearty

U Mass Amherst '22

Katie Hagearty is a senior at UMass Amherst with a major in communication disorders and minors in education and psychology. She hopes to become a speech pathologist one day and work with children. Katie has a passion and love for fashion, beauty, current events, and writing. She is eager to be involved in the Her Campus chapter at Umass as an outlet to write and reach others with her words and creativity.
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