What's in *your* mascara? Here's why you might need a new one.

Don’t get me wrong, finding a cheap mascara is *amazing* and finding one that makes your eyelashes look 1,000% longer and fuller without breaking the bank is great too. On the flip side, I’ve learned over quarantine that what’s in your mascara might not be great for you. So I did a little research and found one that I liked, even though I’m sure there’s more than one mascara out there.  

  1. 1. Do you want to know what’s in your mascara?

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    Research the mascara you’re currently using and finds its ingredients. This is something I never thought of doing before. You might be shocked to learn about some things in there that are actually not good for your health. 

  2. 2. Here’s what you should look for.

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    If there is any aluminum, parabens, or propylene glycol...hate to say it, but that mascara you thought was your saving grace might not really be all that great.

  3. 3. But the mascara you bought is cheap, so why should you care?

    What’s in your mascara goes beyond how it makes your eyelashes look. TBH I just learned this and I’m 21-years-old! For the past year, I have had a dry patch on one of my eyelids. It was problematic because I have very fair skin and it was a small pink circle. *Not* cute. Propylene glycol can sometimes cause skin irritation, parabens can be linked to issues with reproductive organs and breast cancer, and aluminum has been led to have caused organ system toxicity. It’s sad that these ingredients are allowed to be in your mascara, but it’s good to become aware of it. 

In peak quarantine while I was watching YouTube, you know on one of those boring days when I was literally stuck inside my house, I noticed a beauty influencer that had started using a mascara that made her eyelashes look AMAZING. So of course, I had to buy it. This ‘Mascara 101’ is from Saie and it’s $24. I know that’s a pretty steep price, but I was using Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara for *so* many years and that was around $27. 

It’s good to learn about what’s in your mascara and other beauty products to know what you're putting on your body. It’ll be beneficial to your health long-term! Happy shopping.