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Ways to You Can Start Romanticizing Your Life

Have you ever wished you could feel like you live in a fairytale where life is wonderful, lovely, and absolutely picturesque? Well, you can! Here’s how:


Perspective is everything. You are the writer of your own life. Like every story, there are surprises, twists, and turns, but you have the pen – you have the power to make anything you want out of those unexpected events. You also have the power to change the course, tone, and perspective of your story (aka your life).

Let me show you how perspective can transform your life:

Perspective A: You wake up, roll out of bed, and get dressed, ready to get this day over with. You look in the mirror and notice your hair is a mess, and begin to point out all the things you wish you could change about yourself. Feeling cranky and negative, you go to the kitchen, rush through coffee and breakfast, and get ready for the day, wishing you could just go back to bed. Your negativity only spirals from there…

Perspective B: You wake up and stretch your arms. It’s a new day and you’re so excited to see what it brings. You jump out of bed, open the curtains, and let the sunlight in. You open the windows to hear the birds chirping outside and smell the fresh air. You breathe in and take in the scenery around you, admiring the animals, nature, people, and vegetation. You turn on some music and put on your favorite dress. You go to the mirror and feel beautiful. You laugh at yourself and admire your cute bed hair. You smile at yourself and take notice of all the amazing things you love about yourself. You head to the kitchen feeling full of love and excitement for life. The coffee you poured fills the house with a warm, bright aroma. The smell awakens your senses and brightens your spirit. You take a sip – it’s the best-tasting coffee you’ve ever had. You savor it, along with your favorite breakfast, and allow it to awaken you and fill your body with warmth and comfort before starting your day.

Now, who do you think is going to have a better day and an overall happier life? I’m willing to bet on Perspective B, whose life most certainly sounds more like a fairytale. 

Start seeing things through new eyes. What do you want to notice more of in your life? Begin to admire the world and beautiful things around you. Enjoy the little things and treat every coffee, book, and day like it’s the best one ever! You can always change the tone of your life with a little shift in perspective.

Girl holding heart in sunset
Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR from Pexels

As you can see, the way you look at life has a great effect on how you feel about your life. In addition to changing your perspective, you can sweeten up your life with little details here and there.

Little Luxuries

Start incorporating some things in your life that make you feel good, positive, and even fancy. What types of things do you like? What do you want more of in your life? Indulge in little things that you consider luxuries. Buy a silk robe, bath petals, candles, a cute dress, whatever will give you the vibes you’re going for. 

Enhance your day with little things that make you feel special. Brighten your mornings with things like a fancy coffee – whether it’s with a cool coffee machine you have or a DIY recipe, make your coffee special in a way that you can enjoy it and look forward to it each day. Wear a cute robe or pajama set in the morning. Have an elaborate breakfast in bed on a bed tray. Read a book in bed for a while before getting up.

Do little things for yourself like taking bubble baths, buying yourself flowers, or even dressing up for yourself. Immerse yourself in the world around you and notice the people, animals, nature, and the beautiful scenery. There are so many ways to enhance your day and make your life a little more special.

Breakfast food


Design your environment to cultivate your own personal fairytale. Add some things to transform your space like flowers, decorations, lights, and things that make you happy. Detox from toxic things, remove clutter, and disassociate from things that stress you out or make you upset. You have the power to design and live in your fantasy world! Pinterest is a great place for inspiration. You can enhance your life by re-designing the environment you’re living in – the possibilities are endless. 

four orange pillows on a bed with flowers on the bedside table
Photo by Liana Mikah from Unsplash

Sometimes life can be hard, and things can seem dull or sad. However, if you change your perspective, add some little luxuries here and there, and create an environment that suits your needs and desires, you can live your fantasy life. You are the writer of your own story, so go and create something worthwhile!

Alexandria Faneuf

U Mass Amherst '21

Ali is studying Communication and Journalism major at UMass Amherst. She loves traveling, watching movies, health, fitness, acting, and writing. Ali hopes to inspire, entertain, and motivate others through her writing and content creation. Get to know her better by following her on Instagram @alimorgan413.
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