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A UMass Senior’s Holiday Wishlist

The holiday season is here and whether that means cramming for finals or having visions of sugar plums dance in your heads, it is a time that we can all celebrate in our own special ways. As we get older, we realize that the holidays are less about material items and more about things that can’t necessarily be wrapped in pretty paper and bows. And while we may be past the age of wanting lots of gifts, and writing letters to Santa is no longer socially acceptable, there are some things that I’m sure many of us as UMass seniors would like to ask of the big man in red. Here is a list of things I would like to wish for this year:

1. A job offer

‘Tis the season to be asked by everyone what our plans are after graduation. Although I still stand behind my childhood wish to be a veterinarian mermaid in space, I don’t think I’ll ever hear back on my application for that. Does the North Pole have any entry-level postitions available?

2. A temperate winter

It’s about to be our last semester of college…ever. Maybe this is more of a request for Mother Nature, but please, please be gentle on us this year. I do not want to have to wear snowpants to graduation.

3. Unlimited meal swipes

“I’m gonna live off campus,” she said. “I’m going to cook all my meals for myself,” she said. I never thought I’d miss the Fantastic Four (Frank, Hamp, Berk, Worcester), but I do, everyday. I would not say no if someone offered me unlimited access to UMass Dining for the rest of my college career.

4.  An awesome Spring Concert lineup

I’ve got a couple of suggestions…

5. A Fast Pass to the front of the line at Antonio’s

I’ve spent way too much of my life waiting in line for things. If the system works for Disney, can we try it here?

6. A “reserved” plaque on a prime seat in a leture hall

Even as seniors, sometimes we still have large lecture classes (see you next semester, Bartlett 65). Thinking of the countless hours I have spent in these auditoriums, I feel I have earned a reserved seat in any I may still have classes in. Because kids just don’t respect “same seats” like they used to.

7. For time to stand still

Sorry for getting a little too real. How did this happen? How did my college career fly by so quickly? As a child, I always imagined how exciting it would be to be a “grown up.” But now that the time is come, I am filled with so many emotions: excitement, nostalgia, sadness, nervousness, and more. If time could just stand still for a bit so I could soak up every last moment, that would be great.

This holiday season, let’s try to be thankful for all of the good things in our lives, and savor the beautiful moments that are to come in our last semester at UMass. (*chokes on own tears*)

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