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We’re all guilty of completely putting our hearts and souls into a fictional television couple. From teenage love like Corey and Topanga to a middle-aged married couple like Phil and Claire, television has given us plenty of couples to worship. When they cry, we cry, when they laugh, we laugh. These five fictional couples are immersive and always keep us binge watching.  

5. Phil and Claire Dunphy, “Modern Family”

Phil and Claire bare two different personalities, but still manage to have a great relationship. They balance each other out – Claire is the perfectionist mother/disciplinarian and Phil is the goofy but loving father. Together since teenagers, Phil adores Claire. While Claire may make it less apparent, she loves and respects Phil as a father. 

4. Corey and Topanga, “Boy Meets World”

Corey and Topanga have been together since literal infancy. They are best friends and partners. Their relationship is one of true love, sacrifice and friendship. Topanga turned down Yale to go to the same college as Corey. Fighting off temptation, Corey waited for nearly two decades for Topanga to finally be ready. Their loyalty to not only each other but also their friends is something admirable about their relationship—they are the only constant in Shawn Hunter’s trouble life. They constantly teach each other lessons and make each other, and everyone in their presence, better people. 

3. Chuck and Blair, “Gossip Girl”

The ultimate power couple. If you watched “Gossip Girl” from beginning to end, then you would understand that Chuck and Blair’s relationship was…complex. In the first season, Chuck is extremely unlikable. Blair is the only person who he allows into the workings of his mind—a mind that has been twisted and damaged by his father. Despite the mind games they play with each other, Blair is the only girl who could truly understand and love Chuck. Not to mention, they’re an extremely hot couple. 

2. Ross and Rachel, “Friends”

For the runner up spot we have Ross and Rachel from the iconic and timeless show, “Friends.” Ross is the definition of the underdog—in love with a girl totally out of his league for years. What made their relationship so endearing was that they truly were friends before anything else; they learned everything about each other and still managed to love each other. Their relationship throughout the 10-year series is by no means smooth (were they really on a break?). Despite the bumpiness and countless other partners between them, they always went back to each other. 

1. Jim and Pam, “The Office”

The choice for the number one spot is obvious. Jim and Pam are the epitome of two people meant to be together. For years, Jim was hopelessly in love with a girl who had a boyfriend; he had to watch Pam struggle and be emotionally abused from a quiet distance. No matter who he was with before Pam, they never stood a chance, because to him, it had always been about Pam. When they do finally get together, their relationship is everything we expected and more. Towards the end of the series, they find themselves in some tough situations but they are no match for the type of unconditional love Jim and Pam share. 

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