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Top 5 Reasons Why I Love IKEA

Is IKEA your favorite furniture store?

IKEA has timeless furniture, yet still stays up to date with trends.
Photo of a succulent and a grey cabinet in an ikea display.
Original photo by Caitlin Lu

IKEA’s furniture is simple and beautiful, and the designs stay recent and practical. A small way they can keep their furniture feel recent is in their decorations and color palate. A clear example of this implementation is IKEA’s selection of plastic succulents. Around IKEA’s displays, there are many touches of nature that are from our current trend with succulents. They look into popular themes and styles that people enjoy and incorporate these in their display rooms. 

IKEA is like an aesthetic maze

Walking around IKEA, the display rooms look like they come out of Pinterest. I could spend hours around IKEA just walking through every room. IKEA takes into account all the details that could possibly be added. They have real books placed into shelves, clothing that might be found in each closet, and even containers that match the room. Most of these detailed pieces can even be found in their marketplace. The display rooms perfectly represent and advertise potential pieces for your own room. 

IKEA’s prices are unbeatable.

Wanting to get more storage space for my room, I tried finding a new drawer online. My first thought was to check Facebook marketplace and Poshmark because I knew a new drawer could be as expensive as $700. I was hoping to find something that was at most half of that. I couldn’t find anything that was close by that could be picked up, so I decided to check IKEA. I found a drawer that was huge and costs $249. While looking up the piece, I found that Wayfair had almost an identical design for $599. IKEA price was less than half of Wayfair’s. 

IKEA’s furniture is minimalistic, but it can easily be dressed up.
World map in IKEA under a light bulb
Original photo by Caitlin Lu

IKEA is known for its simple one-toned pieces of furniture. This gives every room a clean look and makes their furniture easily matched. No one has to worry about if their desk matches their bed frame since the colors and designs are easily paired with another piece from IKEA. While all the furniture can easily go together, your focus can be on putting together decorations and making your room your own. Minimalistic furniture does not mean you need a minimalistic room. You can bring together your own aesthetic and design your own room using IKEA’s furniture as your canvas.

IKEA’s shopping experience can be compared to a theme park. 
Man at ikea sitting by a display desk
Original photo by Caitlin Li

As described earlier, IKEA is like an aesthetic maze. Every time you visit IKEA, you can expect to be there for at most an hour. Much like a theme park, every showroom section is a new attraction. With bright lights and perfect settings, walking into each room is much like going on or seeing a new ride at a theme park. Adding onto this experience, I always went to IKEA with family and friends, further making it feel like more than a furniture store.

What’s your favorite thing about IKEA?

Caitlin Lu

U Mass Amherst '23

Caitlin is studying Marketing as a sophomore, and she enjoys making youtube videos, trying a new workout class, and learning about photography.
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