Thoughts the Warm Weather Brings to Mind

Whenever it’s warm out, especially in the midst of a winter season, I feel like the world wakes up again. Everyone climbs out of their caves and stretches, feeling the need to be closer to the sun and the fresh air. It's heartwarming, really, to see that humans as a species share that driving need to be out in the sun on a nice day. That when you wake up to a blue sky and no clouds, sun in the sky, you feel more upbeat and ready to tackle the day. You feel the physical effect that the warmth and the sunshine vitamin have on the body. Have you noticed it too? 

There is actual scientific backing that supports the idea that warm weather does wonders for the body and the brain. A study found that spending at least 30 minutes outside in the sun leads to increased creativity and a more positive daily outlook. The vitamin D boost also positively affects the body by strengthening bones and increasing energy. While all this proves the physical benefits on the body, here are some of my happy thoughts when the warm weather comes around. 

1. Summer

I start missing the summer vibe when the first nice day rolls around. The ice cream trips and the shorts and tank tops, and the beaches and swimming pools. Having a campfire or taking late-night walks. The adventure and the carefree nature of the season make the summer feel like the blissful days in the middle of the winter.

woman in jeans holding ice cream cone Photo by Jason Yoder from Unsplash

2. Iced coffee

As soon as it hits the 50s, I’m in the mood for a walk in the sun and a cold iced coffee in my hand. After a winter of having warm drinks, iced coffee would be a nice change of pace. 

3. Driving with the windows down and the music up

A warm breeze is everything. The sun, the open road, the loud music, it’s the feeling of freedom and no responsibilities that I always crave and never want to forget. 

girl on roadtrip Photo by averie woodard from Unslpash 4. Friends and picnics 

When the sun is out, it seems like the campus is buzzing with people sitting on the grass with their blankets, picnic style! Whether they're eating, studying, or hanging out with friends, everyone’s out enjoying the good weather and feeling rejuvenated. 


The right amount of warmth after some particularly cold days is enough to make your spirits high and make you feel alive. It reminds you of the good times, the happier memories, and all the things we have to be thankful for. We all need that little boost once in a while, and I’m glad the warm sunny days find their way to us when we need it the most.

person stretching outside in sun Photo by Radu Florin from unsplash