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The Strivers Row: Six Poems That Will Make You Fall In Love With Spoken Word

To those who have never heard of this art form, spoken word is simply poetry that is performed onstage, sometimes combined with music, yet it is so much more than that. Combining written word with the power of performance allows audiences to engage with the poetry—to feel and hear the words of the poem just as the author has intended. If you thought poetry was personal, spoken word brings it to a whole new level.

The Strivers Row is an artist management agency that represents what are known as “The Strivers Row poets.” Each one of them is incredibly gifted and talented—expert wordsmiths, if you will. Here are six poems from The Strivers Row Poets that will surely make you fall in love with spoken word:

Balaenoptera: Joshua Bennett

Maskless: Miles Hodges

Paris In The Rain: Alysia Harris

Levi: Joshua Bennett

Waffles: Zora Howard

The Happy Couple (The Death Poem): Alysia Harris

In love with spoken word, yet? Us too.

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