Stay Centered, Stay Mindful, YOU'VE GOT THIS

College students are asked to balance so much. It is one of the most amazing times in life, but finding time to balance friends, school, extracurriculars, and relationships means life can become tough. I am here to remind you that seeking balance and centering yourself is the key to succeeding and finding time to have fun and get your grind on!

I'm someone whose happiness can hinge on my own productivity throughout the day, naps are few and far between! However, I do have some tips for remaining mindful and keeping your focus centered! Mindfulness starts from the second that you wake up until your head hits the pillow at night. 

First of all, I start the days I know I am going to need a mental push off slowly. I give myself time to wake up. I sit on the edge of my bed with intention, with purpose, feet flat on the floor and hands beside me palms up. I sit up straight and breathe any negative thoughts out of my mind, doing so for 2 or 3 minutes. 

I make sure that I am properly fueling my body right from the start. I wake up and have a big breakfast, everyone is different, but I for sure need a big power bowl. Of course, I need caffeine as well or I wouldn’t be human! Eating is incredibly important for focusing, for me, I am constantly snacking, our brains need calories too! Focus is crucial for remaining centered and mindful in life.

I try to get to the gym daily, but obviously this is not essential or important to everyone! I end every workout with yoga and meditation, which has made a HUGE difference for me in finding my own personal balance. It can help by allowing you to regain focus and set your intentions straight for the remainder of the day or for the week. A simple 10-minute stretch and meditation can turn the entire day around. Block the world out for a minute and remember to focus on your own journey, your path to success and the life you envision for yourself. It’s difficult to remind ourselves that being centered means making ourselves the master of our universe. 

Some of us, including myself, have trouble with this, but it is essential to finding balance! Mantras are incredibly helpful in building the muscle that is centering ourselves. A sentiment I repeat to myself is, “You control your actions, your trajectory, and your emotions.” Repeating mantras brings your attention to your most basic level of existence. What you mean to yourself and how you want to be in the world, it can remind you to remain positive and focus your efforts. Finding your own mantra is essential in seeking a balanced and centered life. 

Finding a space where you can break down every wall and just ~be~ is incredibly important. It allows you to recharge your battery and eliminate all pressure from the outside world for a minute. My space is my room, where everything is placed with purpose and intention. It is organized the way I feel best represents me, clutter is COMPLETELY OK, no one is perfect here! At the end of each and every day, I can unwind and face zero stress or negativity. It is my space and I control it. It is important for everyone to have their own retreat and I am fortunate enough to have a room to myself. 

Remember, start your day with focus and intention to remain centered and mindful. Balance can be difficult to achieve, but it takes practice and persistence. I repeat once more “You control your actions, your trajectory, and your emotions.” I know that you are all capable of fulfilling your wants in the most positive way possible. Go out into the world and seek balance and positivity. 


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