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Spring Cleaning: Time to Get Rid of What No Longer Serves You!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

March 20 marks the first day of spring for 2023! The very thought of it brings hope and positivity to mind. It brings the opportunity for refreshment and renewal. To me, spring means fresher air, warmer weather, longer days (YAY), blooming flowers, and baby animals! The world around us comes alive. With welcoming sweet smells, and the sun rays kiss that carries the promise of summer. Although there is still snow on the ground where I am, the winter season is drawing to a close, and spring is upon us. It is the best time to start anew and take advantage of the vibrant energy. It is a calling to be intentional and focus on your personal growth and development.

Also with spring, comes the idea of spring cleaning. It can be a daunting task. Looking over at your Hydro Flask, and wondering when the last time was that you really cleaned it. Or, the thought of having to go through that pile of clothes that you said you’d get back to deciding what to keep and what to part with, even though you haven’t worn some of them in years. When you look at that shirt that may have a funny saying on it, or a pair of pants that used to be your favorite, but now just don’t fit right, I hope you know it’s okay to laugh at yourself a little and realize that it’s time to let go. As a young adult, one of the most important aspects of spring cleaning, and growing up in general, is parting with the things that no longer serve us. It’s easy to accumulate a lot of possessions, or relationships, over time, but not all of them bring us joy or add true value to our lives.

This spring I implore you to take the opportunity to assess not only your belongings, but your friendships, relationships, current career position, and more to decide what is truly serving you and what may have turned into a negative rather than a positive thing in your life.   

This process of decluttering can be challenging, but it’s also incredibly liberating. It may be harder to get rid of that graphic tee than an old friendship that you just recently realized has turned toxic, or a relationship you feel yourself having outgrown, but they both may need to go. Detaching from what is no longer good for us allows us to create space for the things that are.

So, while you’re cleaning out your junk drawer, take a moment to be introspective, listen to the voices inside yourself that tell you what is no longer serving you, and make the decisions on what to move on from this spring. I am not saying it is an easy task, as I know it is hard, but we are all in this together. It is easy to stay in what we are comfortable with but it is in the discomfort that we will grow beyond measure. With a little effort, determination, and courage we can make this spring the best one yet, create the best version of ourselves, and open ourselves to new possibilities.

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Olivia Martinez-Reynolds

U Mass Amherst '24

Olivia is a 3rd-year Legal Studies Student at UMass Amherst.