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Spring Break Your Way to Productivity

Spring break comes and goes quicker than we think each year. With an entire week off from school, we think we have all the time in the world to get things together. But time goes by quickly and we don’t always get to accomplish everything we planned, so we’re here to help you have a more productive break.

1. Write a list.

Writing lists seems to have gone out of style, but if you ask those who still write them, they swear by them. One example of a list you could write is everything you need to do or buy for next semester, or if you’re graduating, for your post-grad plans. Another list could be your intentions for the entire month you’re away from school; many people have personal goals they want to work on or new things they want to try, and writing them down is a good way to start. While intentions involve what you want to do, you should also think about those you want to see while you have time. Try to reach out to people you miss or haven’t seen; it’s important to work on our relationships while we’re not overwhelmed with classes.

2. Tend to the things that were sidetracked due to school.

By the time break starts, we’ve spent hours studying and writing papers, and we lose sight of what life was like before. With that, we tend to spend less time on other things that are important. During break, take the time to work on everything that was left stranded during studying sessions. My break will consist of working out as much as I can and feeding my body the healthiest foods to nourish myself. Another thing that can be taken care of is building your resume or LinkedIn page. Along with that, if you haven’t secured a summer job or internship, during spring break is the perfect time to do that. Many of us have a lot of free time and don’t always take advantage of it like we should. We also have things that we learn about ourselves and possibly change. Think of what is important in life and put the time into it while you have it.

3. Plan for the future.

Not everyone is sure of what they want to do in their future. We wonder how some of our friends have it all figured it out. Don’t be discouraged, though — everything does work out. Of course, we do need to contribute to that process. If you’re unsure about the future, there’s a lot you can do to feel more secure. Start with researching the things that definitely interest you. There are a never-ending amount of career books that let you spend a cold day at the bookstore. Also, the internet is your best friend, and can provide you with lots of information. Something that I love to do is find people with careers in the field I am interested in and find research about them. If they’re a public figure, they might even have interviews in the archives that can give you key information. Reflect on what you want to get done before your college years are up. If you’re interested in applying to grad school, use your free time during your break to start researching programs. Most importantly, remember that there’s more advantage to being over-prepared than under-prepared.

4. Have fun!

While we want to work on what’s important during our free time, we also need to remember that it’s important to have fun. It’s during spring break that we can care a little less and explore. Find something fun to do and surround yourself with positivity. Make it a priority to be in good spirits so that you can head back to school with a killer attitude. ✦

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Korie Cadigan

U Mass Amherst

Korie is a sophomore communication major at UMass Amherst. She spends her time writing, watching romance movies, working out, and shopping for her next pair of shoes. She loves to travel and one day, wants to call New York City home.
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