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Spring Is In The Air (& So Are The Best Candles)

With the transition to spring, it’s time to do some deep cleaning and rearranging! One of my favorite things is to swap out my cozy winter candles for my fresh spring scented candles. If you’re in need of spring candles, but aren’t sure which scent is for you, I’ve got you covered! I drove to my nearest Yankee Candle to sniff all their spring inspired candles and categorized them so you can choose your best fit! 


For anyone who enjoys subtle scents that make a room smell clean and renewed:

1. Clean Cotton- This smells like fresh laundry drying in the wind on a sunny, Sunday afternoon.

2. White Gardenia- At first sniff, this candle had a subtle hint of fresh gardenia, as if it were carried by a gentle breeze.

3. Midnight Jasmine- I had a hard time categorizing this one because it has a fresh crispness to it with a powerful aroma of jasmine. I ultimately felt like it belonged in the fresh category because it made me feel renewed. 


For those who prefer candles that smell like you have bouquets of flowers scattered throughout your home: 

1. Lavender Lemon- The soothing, yet powerful scent of lavender is complimented by tangy undertones of lemon. Perfect for a bright spring day!

2. Hydrangea- This scent reminded me of Cape Cod in the morning with the birds chirping.

3. Easter Bouquet- Like the name implies, this candle is like smelling a bouquet of flowers fresh from the garden.


People who enjoy sweet and sugary scents, these candles are for you:

1. Cliffside Sunrise- Contains the scents of sweet, tropical fruits and flowers.

2. Strawberry Bunny Shortcake- This sweet candle reminds me of a bowl of strawberry jellybeans and is sure to make any space smell like a candy shop.

3. White Strawberry Bellini- Smells like sipping a sweet, sparkling beverage at brunch


For my outdoorsy people who love scents inspired by Mother Nature herself:

1. Seaside Woods- This scent gives off the earthy, muskiness of the woods with hints of refreshing sea salt air.

2. Sage & Citrus- A mix of vitalizing citrus with the natural, calm scent of green sage reminds me of the first warm spring day.

This list of candles is by no means exhaustive, but I hope it inspires you to go out and purchase a new candle to revitalize your space! Although this list contains scents sold by Yankee Candle (not sponsored, but I wish I was!) there are plenty of other places to purchase similar candles such as Etsy, Marshalls, and HomeGoods. By the end of all my sniffing and categorizing I ended up bringing home the Midnight Jasmine candle, but the close runner ups were Clean Cotton and Sage & Citrus!

Meghan Kean

U Mass Amherst '22

Meghan is a biochemistry major with a business minor at UMass. In her free time she enjoys walking her dog, trying new coffee shops and thrifting!
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